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Flowers for Mother’s Day in America

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flores para el dia de la madre en america - verdissimo

Flowers for Mother’s Day in America

Mother’s Day is one of the most special days for women all around the world. In some places it’s celebrated on one day and in other places it’s celebrated on another day, but regardless of the varying dates, Mother’s Day is very important all over the world.

flores para el dia de la madre en america - verdissimo

In this article, we here at Verdissimo, the world’s biggest producer of preserved plants and flowers, want to focus on Mother’s Day in North America and South America and the best types of flowers for Mother’s Day based on their meaning and symbolism.

Flowers for a mother

We normally associate roses with romantic love. But that’s not always the case. Roses are a type of flower that can be found in a wide variety of colors, and each one has a different meaning. For example, pink roses symbolize admiration for someone. If you’re the type of person who admires your mother, then this flower in this color is a good option.


Gardenias are up there with roses in terms of being among the most beautiful flowers in existence. One of the things that this flower symbolizes is sweetness. It represents sweetness and harmony in a relationship regardless of its color, and it also symbolizes the femininity, subtlety, and elegance of a woman. If you have a somewhat complicate relationship with your mother, this can be a good gift, because this flower also conveys an aura of peace and harmony.


The uniqueness and beauty of orchids makes them the perfect gift. For Mother’s Day we recommend this flower in white because it symbolizes the affection that you feel towards someone and also purity of sentiment. You can give her a bouquet of white orchids or just a single one since this flower is capable of making an impression even when there’s only one of them.


A bouquet of hydrangeas symbolizes temperance. While some people don’t think much of hydrangeas, the truth is that they’re unique not only due to their beauty but also because they represent life. In addition, the variety of vibrant colors that they come in makes them the perfect flowers for visual stimulation.


What do I have to consider when giving flowers to my mother?

Choosing flowers to give as a gift on Mother’s Day is no easy task. For that reason, we advise you to take the following into account:

  • The message that you want to share with your mother: preserved flowers are a good way of sharing a message with your mother. There’s a wide variety of flowers to choose from, and each one of them is perfect for expressing a specific feeling. For example, the flowers that you select will depend on whether you want to share a message of love, gratitude, good luck, support, energy, etc.
  • Her favorite color: keep your mother’s favorite colors in mind. For example, if she really doesn’t care for the color lilac, then you can’t give her lilac-colored flowers. Once you take your mother’s favorite colors into account, along with the message that you want to express, you can begin to choose the best flowers for your mother. For example, if you want to express support, energy, and happiness, you can go with yellow-colored roses. That would make an unforgettable gift! If you want to learn more about what flowers symbolize, you might want to read the article, “The Meanings Behind Roses Based on Their Color”, a post that tells you about the different meanings of roses, which vary based on the color of the flower, which are often applicable to other types of flowers.
  • Her style: it’s absolutely essential that you keep your mother’s style in mind while selecting the right flowers. Is your mother sophisticated? Does she have a natural, free air about her? The answers to questions such as these can help you to know whether to choose traditional flowers, such as roses, gardenias, or mini callas, or whether you might be better off choosing another type of Verdissimo product, such as lavender, goldenrod, etc.

We also recommend reading our article, “Mother’s Day Special.” Give her flowers that stay beautiful forever!

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