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Are you looking for Flowers that last a long time beautiful? – Think of Verdissimo

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Are you looking for Flowers that last a long time beautiful? – Think of Verdissimo

Now you can get the floral environment you were looking for without the need for natural light, watering, or continuous replacements. You can achieve it thanks to preserved flowers and plants, an ecologic and economic solution that will allow you to make any type of beautiful, long-lasting, and unchangeable floral arrangement.

Who hasn’t thought about being able to have long lasting fresh flowers? We all feel sad when flowers fade quickly, and with them, memories fade, right?

If you are looking for flowers that last a long time, preserved flowers are the solution.

Preserved. Flowers that last forever

Are you looking for a long-lasting floral decoration? Verdissimo makes it possible!

Any interior space is instantly enhanced with flowers or plants. There is nothing that contributes more to personalizing an environment than floral compositions or the presence of natural plants and trees. Nevertheless, it’s not always possible to achieve the desired effect!

Cut flowers need natural light to maintain their beauty and freshness. In addition, it’s necessary to change them for freshly cut ones after a few days. This makes decorating with fresh flowers expensive and inconvenient due to the need to continually replenish them. This is where the need for long-lasting flowers is born.

This circumstance is even more noticeable in places like restaurants and hotels that need flowers that last a long time to decorate celebrations and events.


Why do they last so long?

Thanks to the preservation process. These flowers, which are 100% natural, have undergone a conservation process that allows them to maintain their original appearance and beauty for a long time.

How to go from a natural flower to a preserved flower? They are cut in the moment of their greatest beauty and then undergo the conservation process. The flower absorbs the glycerin-based preservation liquid through the stem until the totality of the sap is replaced by it.

Once the process is finished, each unit is subjected to rigorous quality control in which damaged or deteriorated petals or leaves are eliminated. In this way, a product of the highest quality and unlimited decoration possibilities is achieved.

How long do normal flowers last?

Not all fresh flowers last the same amount of time, everything will depend on the type of flower. For example, orchids are among the most durable flowers. With good care (changing the water, trimming bad leaves, etc.) they can perfectly last for 3 weeks and even 4. The same thing happens with chrysanthemums. However, roses are a little more delicate and with good care, they do not usually exceed 15 days in perfect condition. Despite appearing more resistant than other flowers, Lavender also loses its scent and freshness after two weeks.

As you can see, it is difficult to estimate the number of days or weeks flowers last, since each flower has different resistance levels.

This does not happen with preserved flowers, they are long-lasting flowers that will not need maintenance. And it’s because taking care of a preserved flower is a simple task.

And therefore, as they do not require maintenance or special conditions, and thanks to their durability, preserved flowers are suitable for all types of interior decoration and for making the most beautiful and original floral decorations. Its benefits exceed those of fresh flowers, since exotic flowers, seasonal flowers, foliage, moss, etc., can be mixed in the same bouquet, which would be very difficult or impossible to do with live flowers and plants.

At Verdissimo you will find a great variety of flowers that last forever, preserved flowers and plants, and a great team of interior decoration advisors.

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Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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