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France is currently one of the countries that use the most preserved flowers

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France is currently one of the countries that use the most preserved flowers

The countries in the European Union are the largest importers in the world of fresh flowers and plants and, for many years, also preserved flowers and plants. The love that the European countries have for decoration and floral art is undeniable. The European countries alone consume half of the floral production in the world and is the international area that most uses these products.

Verdissimo’s preserved flowers: An exclusive product for a rising market

In the last few years, the demand for preserved flowers has experienced a considerable rise, especially in countries like the United Kingdom and Germany and, most recently, France.

European consumers are very receptive to the innovations in this market: exotic varieties, personalised decorations and endless possibilities for interior decoration. This is why Verdissimo’s preserved flowers and plants, unique products of the highest quality, are very popular in these countries. Verdissimo’s flowers and plants are beautiful, different, offer unbeatable value for money and they have endless uses both in decoration and for making all kinds of floral compositions: a personalised floral arrangement or avant-garde creations like indoor plant walls.

France has increased its consumption of these ecological, economic products with endless possibilities in interior decoration and beautiful and original floral arrangements.

France really appreciate innovations in the sector like using foliage or preserved plants as floral art decorations or long-lasting, unique avant-garde decorations.

A large part of France’s economy is based on exporting products to other countries with its thriving industry in the fashion, food and tourism sectors. Thanks to preserved plants, this image is improved with an amazing and original setting.

This is why in a few years France has become one of the main consumers of Verdissimo’s products for all kinds of long-lasting floral art compositions.

At Verdissimo you will find an incredible variety of preserved flowers and plants and a great team of advisors for your interior decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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