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Fresh, natural preserved flowers

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Fresh, natural preserved flowers

Preserved flowers have a high ornamental value and have unique characteristics that make them the perfect option for making all kinds of floral compositions.

What does Verdissimo’s preservation process for plants and flowers involve?

Preservation is a 100% natural preservation process which allows plants and flowers to maintain their original appearance and texture for a long time. To preserve a flower, it is cut when it is most beautiful and lush. Then, the recently-cut stems are placed in containers which hold a solution made from glycerine and other plant compounds. This solution moves up the stem until the sap is completely replaced. After a few days, the rehydration process is complete. The plant is ready to undergo a rigorous quality control check, during which damaged or broken leaves and petals are removed.

The result is a product of the highest quality, which is extremely beautiful and has endless possibilities in floral art and decoration.

Preserved flowers are ecological as both the product and the conservation process are completely natural. They are easy to transport, and to maintain their fresh and lush appearance, they don’t need any kind of special care or conditions. Just dusting them every now and then with a hair dryer on a low setting is sufficient to maintain their beauty.

Preserved flowers can be put in any indoor space regardless of whether there is direct sunlight or not. This is why they are ideal for decorating places where you can’t have fresh flowers: bedrooms, hospitals, places where there are people who are allergic to flowers, etc.

Decorative and economic

They are also the ideal solution for decorating places that need floral decoration on a regular basis: restaurants, offices, the receptions of public places like hotels or hospitals, etc. Although a preserved flower costs more than a fresh flower, they are better value for money. It must be taken into consideration that if a beautiful floral bouquet made with freshly-cut flowers lasts only a few days, the same bouquet made with equally beautiful preserved flowers can last months or even years.

Now, you too can enjoy decorating every corner of your home or workplace. Put your creativity to the test by making all kinds of floral compositions, handicrafts, handmade gifts and much more.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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