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Meaning of the Gerbera

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meaning of the gerbera origin and symbolism - verdissimo

Meaning of the Gerbera

Gerberas, like roses, are the most famous flowers in the world. These flowers are perfect for creating numerous floral arrangements, suitable for many different decorative styles.

meaning of the gerbera origin and symbolism - verdissimo

Most colors of these flowers can be found naturally. Something very rare in the plant world.

In this post, we’ll talk about this beautiful flower and what is its meaning and symbolism. In addition, we also reveal when is the best time to give a Gerbera as a gift.

Keep reading and discover everything about this beautiful flower!

First we’ll go over its origin.

This flower is originally from South Africa. However, there are several quite old records of the Gerbera in other continents such as Asia and South America. This indicates that these flowers are old and found in much of the world, which explains their fame.

Although these plants are very old, as we have mentioned, they were first named Gerberas in 1737, a name given by the Russian doctor Gerber, who dedicated his life to searching for medicinal flowers around the world.

What is the meaning of Gerberas?

Gerberas are plants that usually stay open in the sun. This detail makes think us that they love sun, light and luminosity. Therefore their symbolism is associated with joy, smiles, fun, etc. Very positive feelings!

We have Gerbera data from different cultures, such as: Celtics, ancient Egypt and even from the Victorian era. In all these eras, Gerbera has always been linked to positive feelings and happiness and joy.

The meaning of the Gerbera doesn’t stop there!

When to give a Gerbera as a gift?

The symbolism and meaning of the Gerbera tells us when we should give this flower as a gift.

The best times are to combat sadness that your partner, friends or family may feel about a recent problem related to work, or even health.

When associated with joy, they are also a suitable gift for mothers who have just had a baby, and even for birthdays and other celebrations.

There are people who associate Gerberas with success, which means you can give a Gerbera bouquet or arrangement to anyone who has just achieved work or personal success.

Preserved Gerberas

At Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved flowers and plants, we offer our customers preserved Gerberas for the creation of bouquets or floral compositions. We have two types in our catalogue: standard Gerberas and mini Gerberas. The two types of flowers can be found in a multitude of colors, and both varieties are ideal for decorating boho chic and even country-style atmospheres, as long as they’re combined with branches and greenery.

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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