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Special dates to give flowers as gifts

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special dates to give flowers as gifts - verdissimo

Special dates to give flowers as gifts

Flowers are a very special and unique gift that can convey many feelings. But when is the best time to gift flowers? What are the most suitable dates? You can give flowers as gifts whenever you want and to the person you love. However, there are some dates when gifting flowers is a must.

special dates to give flowers as gifts - verdissimo

In this post, from Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved plants and flowers, we’ll tell you what are the most suitable dates to give this wonderful gift. Don’t miss out!

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a key date that’s celebrated every year on February 14th. This holiday has a Christian origin and celebrates love. What’s more, this day is also known as the day of lovers.

Some of the most important customs of this day include giving gifts to that special person in your life: your partner, lover, etc. It’s a day for men and women all over the world to give gifts to the person they love. One of the most common gifts on this day is flowers.

What flowers are usually given on this day? Usually couples go for bouquets or single flowers such as red roses. They’re given in this color because red roses symbolize passion and love. In addition, red roses are considered the most beautiful flowers in the garden.

On this day, you can combine flowers with chocolates or other gifts. They’re the perfect gift and complement for dinner, etc.


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Mother’s Day

There’s nobody in the world quite like mothers. On this day, mothers are celebrated across the world. This holiday tries to honor them and although in each country it’s celebrated on a different day, most places recognize this day.

In Spain, it’s celebrated on the first Sunday in May. Before, this day was celebrated on December 8, but it was moved to May many years ago. In other countries such as Hungary, Portugal, South Africa and Lithuania, it’s celebrated on the same day. However, in other countries, it’s celebrated on the second Sunday in May, or even during other months.

On this day, it’s common for children to give something to their mothers. A great idea to honor your mother is to gift lovely flowers with a card that expresses how much you love your mother.

What are the best flowers for this day? We recommend that you gift the ones that she likes best, though a good option is to choose white flowers because they symbolize purity and there’s nothing purer than the love between a mother and her children.


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Women’s Day

On Women’s Day, also known as International Women’s Day, the role of women in society is commemorated, as well as the equality of women compared to men.

This day is celebrated in every country. In Spain, for example, it’s celebrated on March 8th. This is because on March 8th, women first accessed higher education under equal conditions as men, which happened in 1910. This date was then chosen to celebrate Women’s Day.

On this day, it’s common to gift flowers to the women in our lives. If you don’t know what flowers to give, go for carnations. A flower bouquet is a good idea because these flowers are a symbol of pride and beauty and there’s nothing more beautiful than a strong, fighter woman. In terms of color, choose the carnation that you like best, though red, which symbolizes passion, could be a hit.


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All Saints Day

All Saints Day is a Christian holiday celebrated on November 1st. On this day, the deceased that have attained eternal life are celebrated, so many people buy flowers and take them to the loved ones that they’ve lost along the way.

Many families come together on this day to remember those who are no longer here, while others take them flowers. What flowers should you buy on All Saints Day?

We recommend white flowers, which are pure flowers. They could be roses, orchids, gardenias, carnations… any flowers that you like best, but in soft colors or even white, as we’ve mentioned previously.


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Christmas is one of the most important celebrations for all Christians. It’s the day that celebrates the birth of Jesus. This day is December 25th in most countries and churches, including Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox.

It’s tradition to give gifts to those we love the most on that day, especially children, by leaving gifts under the tree. On this day, it’s common to use bouquets and even decorate the house with typical Christmas flowers. These flowers are normally red, combined with branches or green plants, since red is definitely the color of Christmas.


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Flowers are a good gift on these dates, including birthdays. You can gift a nice bouquet of flowers or a beautiful floral composition that works as home decoration, such as a centerpiece.

There are no specific flowers for birthdays. We recommend that you go for the favorite flowers of the birthday girl/boy and choose a color that conveys the feelings that you want to show the other person. For example: red conveys passion, green conveys hope, white conveys feelings of purity, etc.

This gift can be accompanied by another gift or you can give it on its own.


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Anniversaries are another date when flowers can be gifted. We recommend that you celebrate your anniversary with pretty flowers, showing that special person how important he/she is to you. The most common thing on these dates is to gift a bouquet of red flowers, since red – as we’ve mentioned throughout this post several times – is the color of love and passion.


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Gifting preserved flowers

If you’re thinking about gifting flowers on any of the dates that we’ve mentioned throughout the post, don’t miss this section. We’ll talk about why it’s a good idea to give preserved flowers as gifts.

Why gift preserved flowers as gifts? Giving preserved flowers is the best option because they’re completely natural flowers, so they have the same beauty as freshly cut flowers. However, these flowers last much longer. They can stay intact for months and even years.

Also, these flowers require hardly any maintenance. They don’t need any water or light and they only have to be cleaned occasionally to eliminate dust that may accumulate on them.

They’re the perfect flowers to hang in interior spaces! Don’t hesitate and give preserved flowers as gifts!

Do you think we’ve forgotten a special date? Tell us about other dates for gifting flowers in the comments. Our readers will surely want to know about them!

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