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Great ideas to improve your florist shop

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grandes ideas para mejorar tu floristeria - verdissimo

Great ideas to improve your florist shop

When most people open their florist business, their goal is to convert their passion for the world of flowers into a way of life. There are few jobs as lovely and as creative as working surrounded by plants and vegetation. However, being in charge of a florist shop is not just about working in what you enjoy, the end goal is achieving the maximum profit possible.

grandes ideas para mejorar tu floristeria - verdissimo

In order to optimize your sales, you need to use your imagination to the full. The florist’s world is very visual, and this should become your greatest secret weapon. Do you need ideas to improve your florist shop?

So, from Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved plants and flowers, we want to give you some ideas to improve your flower shop: ideas to boost sales, decorate your shop, name your flower shop and put together a window display.

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Ideas to boost the sales in flower shops

  1. Window display

This promotes “impulse” shopping. Flowers and plants are not basic necessity goods like clothes or food. Therefore, you shouldn’t wait for people to come in to your florist shop to buy, you should invite the sale. The first step is to attract clients visually: in order to do this, create a window display that won’t go unnoticed. In the next section, we’ll give you some ideas for decorating an eye-catching window display.

  1. Offer preserved flowers

It’s important to have some products that make the different, that’s why we propose to you the preserved flowers. But, ¿What are preserved flowers?

Preserved flowers are completely natural flowers that have undergone a preservation process to maintain their beauty over time, so are essential in a florist shop. With them, you can make all kinds of floral art compositions, decoration and accessories for events like bridal bouquets, preserved murals to decorate walls, communion crowns, brooches for parties, hair accessories…Your clients will love them and they will earn you good profits while you enjoy exploring your creative side! Preserved flowers are a safe bet as they are excellent value for money, they have endless possibilities and they are long-lasting.

One of the biggest drawbacks of fresh flowers is their short lifespan. With preserved plants and flowers, your clients can enjoy a 100% natural decorative element, which is incredibly beautiful and long-lasting.

  1. Make the most of special dates

Giving flowers is giving emotions. Make the most of important dates to boost sales by making romantic floral compositions for Saint Valentine’s Day, Christmas centrepieces, Halloween arrangements (including candles and small pumpkins, for example), etc.

Showcase your floral arrangements with spectacular wrapping. Presentation is as important as the flowers themselves. Decorative wrapping increases the positive effects of gifts and increases client satisfaction, which means that clients will return in the future. Sometimes a simple detail makes all the difference: a paper butterfly, a felt heart, a small tie made from cinnamon sticks…

  1. Make clients remember you

Spraying your florist’s corporate perfume on the paper or on your preserved flower arrangements is a very effective trick. The value of the gift increases and the client will associate this lovely smell with your florist shop.

  1. Use music to create mood

Music is perfect for creating an intimate, subtle and pleasant atmosphere. The combination of flowers, music and aroma will help immerse your clients in pleasant surroundings, which invites them to stay.

  1. Sell Online

Every day there are more consumers buying products and services online. Take advantage of this social context to sell more flowers and plants through the internet. You have many options, you can do it through some of the social platforms like Instagram and Facebook, or you can do it through a web page. The most important thing is that you are well-advised and you take into consideration that, in these complicated times, the sale of your products on the web can be a good way out to improve the sales of your flower shop.

Ideas to put together a window display for a flower shop

As we’ve mentioned before, we’re going to give you some ideas to put together a window display for a flower shop.

  1. Original floral arrangements: make unique floral arrangements by combining colors, textures and shapes.
  2. Change the decoration for certain dates: create romantic floral decoration for February 14th, heartwarming decoration for Mother’s Day, and cheerful decoration for First Communions, etc.
  3. Constantly update the window display: update and personalize your window display often by offering different decoration on a weekly basis.
  4. Adapt to the different seasons of the year: Your window decoration must always be in accordance to the season of the year we are in. It’s important to select the right products, products that represent winter, spring, summer, and fall. That will surely attract your audience.

Remember that the window display should impact the greatest number of people. Keep in mind that the first step to a sale is the window display!

Decoration ideas for a flower shop

Wondering how to decorate a flower shop? You have to keep in mind that decorating a flower shop is key for successful business… it’s extremely important!

But, how can you decorate a modern flower shop? Some ideas include:

  1. Keep it clean: like any business, in order to have a good image, it’s key to keep the space clean. We know that working with flowers and plants is a little complicated, but… you have to try!
  1. Display floral arrangements: you can place shelves with lovely floral arrangements behind the counter. They’ll work both as decoration and a selling point to boost sales. Try it and tell us how it goes!
  1. Create green walls: don’t forget that decorating any space also includes walls. Take advantage of your products to create green walls or vertical gardens to decorate walls and show off your products!
  2. Create an open space to work with flowers: many people would like to see how you work with products and flowers, so we recommend that you use an open space as a “workshop” to create compositions, which also works to decorate the flower shop. Use a nice natural-looking table and some comfy chairs.

Ideas to design your flower shop Brand

In this section, from Verdissimo, we give you some tips so that you can work on your florist’s brand, although it is always best to put yourself in the hands of professionals who can advise and help you create the best image for your business.

  1. Work with social media

You can create or improve your florist’s brand image through social networks. There are different social networks you can work with, but you must select the right ones for you, thinking about where your target audience is. Instagram is currently one of the most important networks, especially for this sector, a sector in which showing the product through good photographs is essential.

  1. Create a website

A website can help you make all the difference. It can be a corporate website or an online store where you can sell your products. This web page must be cared for and must have a design that adapts to the style of your flower shop, think that your website is like the shop window of your online store. Take care of it thoroughly because it will be responsible for projecting your image!

  1. Don’t forget about SEO positioning

SEO positioning is what will help you appear in the first search results for certain keywords, for example: florist in Madrid. SEO focuses on organic search results, that is, search results that are not paid.

Ideas for naming your flower shop

So far, we’ve talked about how to decorate a flower shop, a window display, etc. However, if you haven’t yet opened a flower shop… this section will be useful for you!

We’ll give you some ideas for choosing the perfect name for a flower shop. These ideas include:

  1. Use the name of a person: we love people names for flower shops, especially those that are also flower names, for example: Daisy, Rose, etc. With this type of name, you’ll both represent that important person in your life – such as your mother, daughter, wife, etc. – and also products that you’ll sell in your business.
  1. Use the name of a flower, plant or tree: some names, for example, evergreen, gardenia, etc. are names of products that we adore for flower shops with personality.
  1. Use the name of a poet: poetry has always been closely related to flowers. In fact, there are many poets who have mentioned different flowers in their poems.

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