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Green Home Decor: the best 6 ideas to your home

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decorating with green - verdissimo

Green Home Decor: the best 6 ideas to your home

Green has become the quintessential color for decoration, especially in the seasons coming up: spring and summer. Green decoration is capable of transforming a cold space without personality into a natural, warm space with character.

decorating with green - verdissimo

That’s why, in this post from Verdissimo – the leading producer of preserved plants and flowers – we’ll give you 6 ideas to help you add green in your home in the best way possible. Don’t miss out!

Using flowers and plants

If you don’t want to give too much importance to green decoration, we suggest that you use small green color accents to decorate your home using plants and flowers. This is one way to apply this trend and create a fresh and natural space. But which flowers and plants? We’ll leave that up to you. However, you should choose plants that go with the decorative style of the space: boho, minimal, zen, etc. For a zen space, we adore using moss or moss balls. It’s an ideal product for giving a green touch to any space.

Remember that you can also use trees to decorate small spaces and even combine green plants with white roses for decoration, as well as many other products!

We recommend using preserved flowers and plants because they’re completely natural but maintain their beauty over time without needing hardly any maintenance. This makes them a great option for interior decoration.

Combining it with other colors

Want to decorate with green but don’t know what colors to combine it with? To create a clean space that isn’t too overloaded, we recommend you combine it with soft colors such as beige, white, pastel yellow and light pink. In the image below, you can see how it looks with shades of white and beige. What do you think? The result is a space that conveys serenity, peace and calm, which is perfect for promoting relaxation.

Green accessories

Maybe you don’t want to change the decor of your home to green because it’s daring and doesn’t convince you. However, if you want to stay up-to-date with interior decoration, we recommend you use the color green in accessories: cushions, curtains, rugs, vases, frames, etc.

By adding small green accents, you’ll give a necessary splash of color to your space, which will make it unique and give it the personality you’re looking for.

In the image below, we’ll show you what green decoration in a living room looks like with just one cushion. We love the result!

Green furniture

Green furniture is also in style this season for interior decoration. Maybe you think it’s daring to use green furniture, but there’s a nice subtle shade that is capable of transforming the space into a fantastic environment full of character. It’s perfect for creating cozy, charming and sweet spaces, which is why it’s usually used in children’s bedrooms or kitchens.

In the image below, we’ll show you an example of green furniture and how nicely it looks in kitchen décor. Do you like the result? Would you dare to use this idea for green decoration in a room?

However, more vibrant green furniture is also an interesting option to create a unique space with boho chic or vintage décor. Check out the image below and decide for yourself!

Green pictures

Green decoration can also be achieved by decorating walls, i.e. using pictures or decorating with vertical gardens. Vertical gardens with moss are a top trend and are used for decorating offices as well as bedrooms and other rooms of the home.

In the image below, we’ll show you how decoration with green-toned pictures looks nice in a room.

Green walls

Green walls are another option to achieve green decoration in a room. You can paint walls in this color or use green wallpaper or wallpaper with green patterns. It’s a bold and daring option but the result is fantastic. We’ll show you an example in the image below of using wallpaper with green floral patterns. A vibrant and unique result!

However, so you get an idea of how other green walls look, we’ll show you another image. This time, a darker green has been used to create an elegant and understated space.

As you can see, green provides lots of possibilities for decoration. You’ll get everything you want in this color: vintage, boho, relaxing, fresh, etc.

By decorating a room with green, you can achieve harmony, impact or warmth. This color has infinite possibilities so that your home becomes the place of your dreams.

Got more ideas for decorating with green? Tell us below! We’re positive that our readers would like to know about them!

And don’t forget that if you want to add a green accent in your home using preserved products, Verdissimo offers trees, plants and flowers of different colors, styles and sizes. Check out our catalog!

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