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4 Hatboxes with flowers that you fall in love with

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hatboxes with flowers that you fall in love with - verdissimo

4 Hatboxes with flowers that you fall in love with

Do you have a florist? Want to offer something new to your customers? Flower consumers every day see new creations and floral compositions on Instagram and other social networks, compositions that they can give away or use for decorations in their homes, offices, events, etc.

hatboxes with flowers that you fall in love with - verdissimo

In this article, from Verdissimo, the largest producer of plants and preserved flowers, we show you a creation with flowers that will not leave your customers indifferent, 4 hatboxes with flowers that anyone who enters through the door of your florist will fall in love with.

Multi-floral Hatbox

hatbox con flores que te enamoraran img1 - verdissimo

This time, we show you a multi-floral hatbox in green tones, with red and pink touches that give it a unique colour accent. On this occasion, different preserved and green flowers have been used to accompany them. The most outstanding flowers are undoubtedly the green roses, the most beautiful flowers in any catalogue. Those flowers are capable of making you fall in love and they work perfectly in any composition, and even captivate you on their own, without the need for company.

These flowers are accompanied by moss and other greenery that bring naturalness to the composition.

We encourage you to create a similar hatbox, a multi-floral hatbox where the combination of products and colours is the key to visual success.

Single-colour Hatbox

hatbox con flores que te enamoraran img2 - verdissimo

Who says that a single-colour composition is boring? In Verdissimo, we’ll show you it’s not the case. These types of compositions are very elegant and captivating. The key to being a success is the selection of the right flower and colour. Depending on the event, the area where you want to place it or the person you want to give it to, you must select one type of flower or another, and, in one colour or another.

In the image above we have shown you 3 hatboxes in different colours and with different flowers, although we want to place special emphasis on the hatbox with white roses, perfect to decorate ceremonies such as baptisms, communions, weddings, etc.

White Roses Hatbox

hatbox con flores que te enamoraran img3 - verdissimo

White roses can be used as the centre of any floral composition and, even more so, in a hatbox. This time a hatbox containing white roses has been created combined with greenery and flowers in green and yellow tones. A very natural and fresh colour scheme, perfect for the decoration of any space in spring, summer, autumn…

Pastel-toned Hatbox

hatbox con flores que te enamoraran img4 - verdissimo

A pastel-toned hatbox with more vibrant colour accents could not be missing from the collection. This time a hatbox has been created in pink tones combined with greenery in pastel tones. To give it a more fun touch, we have chosen to place more vibrant colour accents in red tones. The result is simply… amazing!  What flowers stand out? No doubt, everyone is looking at the roses!

From Verdissimo, we hope that this post has inspired you to create your own floral compositions in your store, with the aim of capturing the attention of your customers and with the intention of increasing your income by offering different products.

Verdissimo | ¡Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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