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Hotel Decoration – Trends for 2022/2023

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Hotel Decoration – Trends for 2022/2023

Just like restaurant decoration and other businesses, hotels try to get new clients all the time. Hotel decoration has become one of the most important aspects of opening a new hotel and it makes a huge difference.

In this post, we’ll talk about the main trends in hotel decoration in 2023, looking carefully at hotel buffet decoration, hotel room decoration, in the decoration of reception area and halls.

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2022/2023 Trends in hotel decoration

Use of greenery

The use of plants and other preserved greenery has become a must-have in hotel decoration. Nowadays, interior decorators use plants in every room to provide spaces with a natural and fresh touch. They’re used at the reception desk, in the rooms, in the bathrooms, in the bars, restaurants, etc. Regardless of the decorative style (modern hotel decoration, or traditional, etc.) of the hotel, plants and trees are a decorative trend this year.


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Dividing rooms with greenery

The separation of different spaces with furniture covered in vegetation is another trend we are having. Nowadays, the use of heavy furniture or walls closing spaces and making them less luminous is something that’s not used anymore.  We are betting for completely open spaces, differentiating zones with preserved trees, furniture or planters with greens, even dividers covered with moss or lichen.

The moss covered dividers are trending a lot this year, mainly because they act as a noise buffer and they accumulate in their bodies atmospheric contaminating substances and this is why they’re perfect to trap viruses or harmful elements in the air.

In the next image we show you how an open space divided with greens would look.

separar estancias con vegetacion - verdissimo

Greenery on the walls and ceiling

Greenery isn’t just trendy this year as a room divider or as part of the furniture: it’s also seen on the walls and ceilings, both in hotels and in other businesses like shops or restaurants. Usually, hanging plants or vertical moss gardens are used.

In the following image, we’ll show you a decoration example from a Madrid restaurant decorated with products from Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved plants and flowers. They chose Pomerania.


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Farmhouse decoration

In later sections of this post, we’ll talk about other decorative styles. Now we’ll go ahead and tell you about one of the trendiest styles this season. Similar to country-style or rustic decoration, farmhouse decoration adds elements such as ironwork, exposed brick and other modernist elements. It’s a very popular style today for different businesses, including hotels.


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Hanging lamps

A green ceiling isn’t the only decorative trend making waves. Hanging lamps from the ceiling is a decorative element that’s become trendy in recent years and continues to be in style this year. If the space in your hotel has high ceilings, we recommend using them to stay fashionable.

Check out what it looks like!


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Hotel buffet decoration

A very important part of a hotel is the buffet, where all clients come together to eat breakfast, lunch and/or dinner every day. That’s why it must be well cared for and decorated. But how can you decorate it?

Below we’ll give you some recommendations:

  1. You must follow the decorative style of the other rooms: if a hotel has a vintage decorative style, the buffet should maintain this style throughout.
  1. You must make the most of the space: it’s important to take advantage of the space to the fullest and strategically arrange tables and other elements, with the aim to create comfortable, open and efficient spaces.
  1. Arrange different tables: today decorators don’t use all identical tables. Mixed spaces are the new trend. The combination of different tables and colors is in style for all kinds of restaurants. Why would it be any different for hotels?
  1. Use different chairs: the same happens with chairs. At the same table, chairs of different colors and materials are combined, creating vibrant and fun spaces. However, before doing this, we recommend making sure that the hotel buffet isn’t too plain.

Decoration of a hotel’s reception area

decoracion de la recepcion de hoteles - verdissimo

The front desk of a hotel is like the window of any store. It’s the first thing clients see when they come into a hotel, that’s why its decoration has to be impeccable. What elements do we have to take into account when decorating the reception area? If you take care of the elements we will share with you next, you will surely have successful results:

  • The front desk: the front desk must be in accordance with the style of the hotel. Take into consideration it must have the adequate dimensions in function of the size of the reception area and must adapt itself to the style of business.
  • The wall behind the front desk: this is one the focal points. Clients pay a lot of attention to the wall behind the front desk and it’s what they see the most while they talk with the receptionist. This wall must represent the essence of your business. If for example you have a rural hotel you can use wooden elements to decorate it, if its boho, you can hang fabrics or paint it with vibrant colors…
  • Lighting: the lighting is key to create in the reception area the ambience you wish to convey. It’s important that the area of the front desk is always well lit, since this is the place where clients will fill out their information, make payments, read conditions, etc.

Decoration in the halls of the hotels

decoracion de pasillos de hotel - verdissimo

The same with reception, the buffet and the rooms… You don’t have to neglect the decoration of the hotel’s halls!  This element may seem secondary because clients don’t spend so much time in them, nevertheless, its key for them to feel good.

In the halls, and the same with the rest of the rooms, the furniture (in accordance with the style of the hotel) and the lighting is key. However, these elements are not the only important thing. Precisely in the halls, it’s very important to place good signage made with typography and materials that represent the essence of the business.

Hotel room decoration

If the buffet decoration is important… imagine the hotel room decoration! Rooms are the selling point of a hotel. They’re the reason why clients choose one hotel over another.

Below, we’ll show you images of some room decorations that we adore. Here you can get decoration ideas, such as: the use of color, the use of greenery, the arrangement of furniture, etc. Pay careful attention to every detail!

A traditional room


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As you can see, it’s a very traditional room, where mostly gray and white shades have been used, as well as a few wooden finishes to create a perfect contrast. The result is amazing!

A rustic room


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This type of room is perfect for hotels in the mountains or countryside. It’s a type of room decorated with earth tones and natural elements, which fit perfectly with rustic-style hotels. What do you think?

A romantic room


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This is a very romantic room, perfect for isolated hotels geared towards romantic getaways. We adore the simple and classic elements that have come together in this decoration, with the aim to create a space full of harmony. The colors are also quite neutral.

Decorative styles for hotels

Decorative styles for hotels are the same ones used in homes, restaurants, etc.

In other articles, we’ve already gone over them. The main ones that are in style this season are:

  • Marine decorative style: this is a decorative style suitable for hotels near the sea. It’s a very Mediterranean style defined by its use of white, blue, marine elements and wooden finishes.
  • Boho decorative style: this decorative style is perfect for hotels catering to young people. It’s defined by mixing different colors, elements, fabrics, etc. It’s bold and usually geared towards a specific audience.
  • Modern decorative style: the modern decorative style is trendy with more serious hotels, aimed at businessmen, etc. For example: it’s perfect for hotels close to airports.
  • Rustic decorative style: as we’ve mentioned, this is the best hotel decoration for the countryside or the mountains. This decoration doesn’t go out of style for hotels in certain locations. It’s primarily characterized by the use of greenery and other natural elements.

If you want to explore other decorative styles, we recommend reading the article “The most important decorative styles.”

Also, if you think that there are other styles to keep in mind this season, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments.

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