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How do preserved flowers maintain their beauty?

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How do preserved flowers maintain their beauty? - Verdissimo

How do preserved flowers maintain their beauty?

Who has this not happened to? You are in a hotel, a restaurant or in a waiting room. Your eyes rest on the gorgeous floral arrangement that is on the table.

How do preserved flowers maintain their beauty? - Verdissimo

Suddenly, it has captured your full attention! How is it possible that these gorgeous, fresh flowers are still fragrant and beautiful in this enclosed space, without sunlight? We will let you in on the secret!

The secret of preserved flowers

Magic? As always, science is at your service: we are talking about the preservation technique, thanks to which flowers can maintain their beautiful, natural appearance for a long time. Preserved flowers are perfect for making all kinds of floral compositions. Their appearance is the same as freshly-cut flowers, although they last much longer.

To preserve flowers, they undergo a 100% natural conservation process. The freshly-cut plants and flowers are put in special containers that hold a liquid made from glycerine and other natural ingredients. The sap is gradually replaced by the liquid. Once the plant has absorbed the liquid, the flower is ready to undergo a rigorous inspection. The result is a flower with the texture and appearance of a natural, freshly-cut flower. You can enjoy this flower for a long time in any corner of your house, in the office or in your workplace! Preserved flowers are the perfect solution for flower arrangements in places that need plant decoration on a regular basis. This is the case for restaurants, churches and event halls. But their possibilities are endless!

At Verdissimo, we have our own cropland. In this way, we can control each plant from start to finish so as to guarantee a premium-quality product.  This is why each Verdissimo rose is a unique piece!

With preserved flowers, you can decorate and make your home beautiful with all kinds of delicate and exclusivefloral decoration. Now you won´t have to worry about changing your fresh flowers every couple of days. You also won’t have to water them or look for places with direct sunlight to put them.

Preserved flowers have some unique characteristics that make them perfect decorative elements: they don’t need any maintenance. Just dusting them every now and then with a dryer is sufficient! As they don’t need to be watered or sunlight, you can enjoy your personal floral art in anywhere: bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen…always perfect!

Preserved flowers: Decorative and versatile

Now you can enjoy your own creations and create unique and personal spaces. Preserved flowers are an economicand ecological solution for decorating your favourite places without limits.

Now you know the secret. Share it!

Verdissimo: The beauty of a preserved rose


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