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How to Make Floral Arrangements

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How to Make Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements are decorative elements that really attract attention because they fill spaces with life, freshness, and lots of colour.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to make floral arrangements and what materials are essential for your floral composition to be spectacular, beautiful, and innovative.

The main materials for creating different floral arrangements

  • Vase or container: Firstly, you need to choose the containers or vases in which you are going to make your floral compositions. These vases should be chosen depending on the style of decoration in the room: vintage, rustic, minimalist… The style doesn’t just influence the form, also the materials. For example, if your room is minimalist, ideally the container will be geometric with simple and straight lines and made from a metal or glass material. Or, if the room is rustic, wood would be your best bet.
  • Flowers and plants: Then you must choose the plants and flowers that you are going to use in your floral arrangements. If you decide that you will only use one kind of flower for your floral compositions, choose the most spectacular: rosesgardenias, etc.… On the other hand, if you decide to make an arrangement by combining different flowers and plants, you must keep in mind both the style of the room and the container, and the combination of both products. One of the most beautiful floral compositions is an arrangement with roses and orchids. It’s extremely elegant, simple, glamorous, and gives a really minimalist and oriental style.

Floral arrangements for special events

Do you know how to make floral arrangements to celebrate a special day or for a very special person? At Verdissimo, we recommend that you make floral compositions with a Mediterranean air, rustic, boho chic, minimalist…with special touches for events like weddings, anniversaries, and communions, among others.

Use small details to create really exclusive and unique spaces. Each one of these details has to work together with the rest of the decoration in the space so that the ambience has a distinctive touch and is unique, fresh, and beautiful.

Why make floral arrangements with preserved flowers and plants?

Now that you know how to make floral arrangements, you must know why you should make them with preserved flowers. The truth is that there are many advantages because compositions made with Verdissimo’s products will last a long time, from months up to years. Also, preserved flowers and plants are products that maintain their beauty intact. Check out our catalogue of preserved plants and flowers and discover a new world for making your floral arrangements.

1. Party signage

If you’re planning a party and want to create a nice sign to indicate the location, you’ll love this floral arrangement.

Necessary materials: a ruler, a caulking gun, shears, white card stock, 1 cm square wooden rods, double-sided tape and the printout of a word that you like, for example, party, celebration etc.

Necessary Verdissimo products: soft yellow and pastel pink chrysanthemums, green rose leaves and lilac princess roses.

Steps: You must draw an arrow on the card stock and glue on the wooden rods, fitting them to the shape of the arrow. Afterwards fill in the arrow with some of the flowers you’ve selected and carefully glue on the printout of the word you’ve chosen. It’s that easy!

2. Box of preserved flowers

A box of preserved flowers is the perfect gift for that special somebody in your life, whether your partner, a family member, etc.

Necessary materials: a pretty box and some type of product to glue on the Verdissimo material.

Necessary Verdissimo products: to make an exact copy of the box of flowers in the video, you’ll need premium rose heads and a little bit of pittosporum.

Steps: making this composition is very easy. You only have to glue the premium rose heads to the box and set the pittosporum in the remaining gaps.


3. Enchanted rose

This rose is inspired by the famous rose in the movie Beauty and the Beast. It has a lot of symbolic value for fans of the movie. Recently, it’s become popular once again thanks to the making of the film with real actors, starring Emma Watson. That’s why we want to teach you how to easily make an enchanted rose. Are you up to the challenge? Get the necessary materials and follow the steps below.

Necessary materials: glass vase, scissors, glue and pen.

Necessary Verdissimo products: Premium rose heads, ming fern and roses with premium stems.

Steps: first you must mark the center of the vase bottom and cut 3 cm max. from the pen and glue it to the bottom for placing the stemmed flower. Also, set a little bit of ming fern on the bottom and some rose petals and… you’re good to go!

4. Lavender flowerpot

At Verdissimo, we’ll teach you to create your own lavender flowerpot for decorating more rustic and country-style spaces. Also, this arrangement may also be a good gift for a friend, family member etc. to give a natural touch to any spaces at home.

Necessary materials: a small-sized flowerpot, floral foam and ribbon.

Necessary Verdissimo products: lavender.

Steps: you must place the floral foam in the flowerpot and arrange the lavender in the most beautiful way. Next, you can circle it with ribbon and you’ll have your rustic arrangement ready to go.

maceta de lavanda - verdissimo

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