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Ideas for Making a Bouquet of Flowers

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Ideas para hacer ramos de flores-verdissimo

Ideas for Making a Bouquet of Flowers

Giving someone a bouquet of flowers is always a good option. However, it’s important to know which bouquet of flowers to choose for each occasion. At Verdissimo, we will help you! We will give you some ideas so you can create different bouquets with preserved flowers depending on the person who will receive them, the situation, and what you want to express. In addition, these ideas will also help you to create all kinds of floral compositions for the interior decoration of your home.

Ideas para hacer ramos de flores-verdissimo

Bouquets of flowers with just one type of flower

Bouquets with only one flower are elegant and sober and usually contain the most spectacular flower in the garden. Some ideas we suggest are:

Bouquet of roses

Preserved roses are the most beautiful flowers of all. We love bouquets of red roses because of their size, colour, and appearance. It is one of the most common bouquets of flowers, however, they are always in fashion. We suggest that you give a bouquet of red roses to your partner or lover, and white roses to a relative or friend in a ceremony like a communion or a wedding.

Bouquet of gardenias

Gardenias are gorgeous flowers with which you can create really glamorous bouquets. Bouquets of gardenias are classy and elegant and brides love them on their big day. Bouquets of gardenias in one single colour or bouquets with two colours are both beautiful, the occasion will dictate which is best.

Bouquets of flowers with different preserved flowers

Choose the colours of the flowers that you are going to combine to make the bouquet of flowers and try to have the same tone if you want to make an elegant bouquet. Prepare the leaves and use solidago to fill in the floral arrangement and to give it a natural touch. We’ll suggest some flowers for the bouquet:

Bouquet of roses and orchids

Preserved roses are perfect for any bouquet of flowers and even more so if you combine them with Dendrobium Orchids. These small flowers have always been the stars at ceremonies and give a minimalist, elegant, and oriental touch to any floral composition.

Why should you make your bouquet with preserved flowers?

We advise you to always make your bouquets with preserved flowers. There are so many advantages!

Bouquets made with preserved flowers last for months or even years. Another advantage is their easy maintenance, as they don’t need water or sunlight, which is why your bouquet can decorate the interior of your home for a long time.

At Verdissimo you will find a wide variety of preserved flowers and plants and a great team of advisors for your interior decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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