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Increasing demand of preserved flowers

Verdissimo World

Increasing demand of preserved flowers

Preserved flowers are increasingly in demand for interior decoration and for making all kinds of floral arrangements.

Preserved flowers have many indisputable advantages over fresh flowers:

  • They do not need maintenance
  • They are more economic
  • It is possible to attain colours and make floral arrangements that would not be possible with fresh flowers
  • They keep their beauty and colour intact for a long time

Every day, the number of professionals and individuals who opt to use this product for all kinds of floral art is growing. Preserved flowers are especially apt for places that need plant decoration on a regular basis but where it is not possible to use fresh flowers, such as nursing homes, day care centres, hospitals, stores, the offices of people who are allergic to fresh flowers, etc.

What are Verdissimo’s preserved plants?

They are fresh plants, cut when they are at their most beautiful, and which undergo a completely natural plant-based treatment. Thanks to this process, the flower can keep its original beauty and characteristics for months or years.

The preservation process is carried out in several phases:

  • The cultivated flowers are cut when they are most beautiful.
  • The stems of the cut flowers are placed in special containers that hold a liquid made from 100% natural products.
  • The plants absorb this liquid through their stems.
  • The sap is gradually replaced by the preserving liquid.
  • When the rehydration process is completed, a meticulous quality control check is carried out, during which each flower is examined and any possible imperfections are removed, thus obtaining a premium quality product.

Although the preservation process is relatively quick and simple, at Verdissimo, we are obsessed with quality. Our flowers and plants are carefully selected and examined so that they can keep their natural and beautiful qualities.

At Verdissimo, we guarantee our clients and friends professionalism and quality. This is why we have large expanses of cropland in the leading flower producing countries. This ensures that we have the best conditions to obtain a product of the highest quality.

Surround yourself with beauty with Verdissimo’s preserved plants and flowers!

Our preserved plants and flowers are the perfect choice for all kinds of floral decoration and arrangements as they have a 100% natural appearance and are long-lasting:

  • Floral arrangements for tables and banquets
  • Baskets and gifts
  • Patios and indoor green spaces
  • Wall compositions
  • Flower arrangements in places where flowers are used regularly: hospitals, hotel receptions, restaurants, receptions, events…

The Verdissimo Group is the market leader in preserved plants and flowers. If you have not yet discovered us, take advantage of the one thousand and one opportunities that we offer for you to transform your home, business or celebration into a much more beautiful, surprising and cosy space.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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