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Indoor garden design using flowers

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indoor garden design using flowers - verdissimo

Indoor garden design using flowers

Creating gardens inside the home is one of the latest big trends for new houses. That’s why, in this post, we want to talk about indoor garden design.

indoor garden design using flowers - verdissimo

Indoor gardens for homes let you enjoy a green space, traditionally located outside, in an intimate or personal corner of your house that’s far from noise and bad weather. Also, they give energy and brightness to the home and are a powerful, unique and above all, beautiful decorative element, thanks to floral decoration and the presence of trees and plants.

How to design indoor gardens

Contemporary architecture has once again made indoor gardens and floral art design trendy.

  • Bathrooms with a zen garden entrance.
  • Kitchen with a window to an indoor garden, including your own floral compositions
  • Houses full of light and joy with a glazed courtyard with personal and well-maintained floral decoration

If you’re planning your new house or making a big renovation, indoor gardens with indoor plants and floral decoration are an option to consider.

These spaces are the smartest way to take advantage of light and enjoy a green space without being able to see the rooms, kitchens or bathrooms from outside.

This trend, known as residential architecture”, became trendy at the end of the 20th century. Nowadays, it’s used in cutting-edge construction, since it allows residents to enjoy green spaces outdoors while maintaining privacy.

These days, architects are opting for homes with natural light, which can’t be seen from outside. This formula has been used in office buildings for a long time.

Creating a bright space in your home lets you have a beautiful garden and enjoy it in privacy. The sensation of peace and having your own space is worth it. Indoor gardens and patios are closely related to spirituality, rest and serenity, while outdoor terraces and balconies are related to humans’ social side.

What does small indoor garden design look like?

Designing small gardens should be done using small-scale products. For example, by using flowers, small trees and even products that help separate different areas. In small spaces, the distribution of plants and flowers has to be just right to avoid the garden overwhelming the space and to make sure it stays clean, bright and perfect.

Also, in small spaces, you can take advantage of walls and floors to hang decorative elements for the garden without taking up too much space. It’s a good idea if you want to decorate a small garden!

Perks of indoor gardens

Below, from Verdissimo, we’ll tell you what the main perks of indoor gardens are:

  • If you’re excited about garden design, you’ll have an area with less noise than outdoor gardens and patios.
  • Creating an indoor garden involves less garden maintenance, since the plants and flowers are less exposed to bad weather.
  • The possibility of enjoying the garden all year round by mixing preserved plants with natural ones.
  • A great decorative element that gives your imagination free reign.
  • Extra brightness and freshness in your home.

Tips for creating an indoor garden with flowers

Here we’ll give you some tips that may help you design your indoor garden:

  • If you live on the ground floor, you can go for a glazed wall to let natural light in. Create a pleasant space by lining the patio walls with stones or slate. Transform the space by planting all kinds of indoor-resistant flowers and plants to enjoy views from the other side. Besides getting a visually pleasing space that’s full of possibilities, you’ll make your home automatically more valuable.
  • If you have the fortune to live in a loft, keep in mind that skylights are great for plants: they provide natural light and protect them from bad weather such as intense sunlight, frost or wind. Enjoy creating your own green space under natural light by making a garden or bringing together pots with different types of pretty flowers.

Idea from Verdissimo:

If the space allows it, glaze the perimeter of the garden and you’ll have a small and private greenhouse.

Flowers for an indoor garden

Lastly, from Verdissimo, we want to talk in this section about some of the best flowers and plants for an indoor garden.

  • Preserved moss: This is an ideal product for creating a wall or vertical garden. Different types of moss are widely used in decorating indoor gardens, as well as zen-style walls or floors.
  • Roses: Roses are the perfect product for decorating boho-chic style indoor gardens. This product can be found in a myriad of colors, though red roses are the most common for this type of decoration.
  • Hydrangea: Hydrangeas are the perfect flowers for decorating indoor gardens with a romantic flair. If you choose pastel colors, such as light pink, you’ll give a very special and sweet touch to the space.
  • Gynerium: Gynerium plants can be used to design modern indoor gardens. They give the space a very sophisticated touch.

What other flowers do you think would look nice in an indoor garden? What do you have in your garden?

Tell us in the comments below!

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