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Indoor trees and plants

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Indoor trees and plants

Using plants in interior decoration is in fashion. Landscape gardeners, decorators and interior designers opt for this method, with indoor trees and plants.

Avant-garde trends opt for the creation of vast, open-plan spaces in which plant decoration is the absolute star: moss, grass, palm trees or eucalyptus. Bamboo is a classic which is associated with the Feng Shui concept, a decorative trend and philosophy which comes from the east and is one of the most widely followed in the west.

Many of the products we’ve mentioned, such as palm trees, can have large dimensions. For this reason, it’s very important to pay special attention to all the details you should consider when decorating with large trees.

Throughout the post, we’ll talk about decoration with large trees, but also many other things related to decorating with these greenery elements.

Why decorate with trees and houseplants? Why use preserved products? What are the most used plants and trees? What are the advantages of decorating with preserved products?

What’s more, we’ll give you some tips! Read on and discover the answers to all these questions.

Decorating spaces with large trees

As we have mentioned before, trends point to decorating spaces with trees and other plant elements. But what if these greenery elements are large? What do you have to consider when decorating with large trees?

Even if the trees are large, they can be placed in spaces to decorate them. However, you should take special care when placing them and put them in strategic spots. For example: in corners so that they do not block walking spaces, or used to separate different sections of a room, for example: a reading area or relaxation corner. Even in some businesses such as restaurants, you can use them to separate a dining area from a more chill area.

What should you consider when decorating with large trees?

  • Size of the space: size is fundamental. Although we sometimes see large trees in smaller spaces, it’s not advisable. It’s best to choose this type of tree when spaces are large. If it’s small… go for smaller flowers, plants or trees!
  • Height of space: height is also key. You shouldn’t use a tree that touches the ceiling – not only could it change the shape of the tree, it will also be unattractive. Before selecting a large tree to place in a space, measure the height between the ceiling and the floor.
  • Decorative style: the decorative style is another point to take into account when decorating spaces with large trees. If the style is very minimalist or Nordic, it is better to select other types of plant elements. Large trees are typical of other decorative styles, for example; tropical, boho chic, and so on.

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Why decorate with trees and indoor plant

Did you know that decorating the interior of your home or workplace with flowers and plants is beneficial as well as being decorative? It has been proven that it is worth having plants and decorative trees in sight in any indoor ambience for many reasons. Discover the reasons why you should fill your home with vegetation!

According to a study carried out by the University of Harvard, the colours and aromas of plants are more beneficial for us than we know. Among other benefits, they help us to feel alive, optimistic and full of energy. Would you like to know what other benefits having floral decoration in your home can bring?

It reduces stress

Although it may seem fantastical, the fact is that flowers have the capacity to reduce the stress levels that affect us and make everything a reason for an argument at home. A room filled with plants and flowers encourages relaxation and helps to relieve stress. You will feel completely relaxed! Also, if you put a pretty floral decoration in the entrance hall, it will be like receiving a warm welcome every time you open the door. Choose the colours and forms that you like the most, for example those that combine best with the style of your home or the colour of your walls!

It gives satisfaction

Flowers and plants are good for the 5 senses. They are connected to creativity and harmony. If you feel like you are lacking imagination, fill your house with floral art! You will be inspired again and, in addition, it will help you to feel better, professionally and personally, especially if you work at home. You can carry out your daily activities in a more positive way!

It cleans negative energies in the home

Plants and flowers give positive energy and help to create an intimate and cosy atmosphere that helps with meditation, work and concentration.

Why use preserved trees and indoor plants?

Flowers and plants are extremely decorative elements that allow us to create cosy, bright and beautiful ambiences.

There are countless plants that can help us to give that personal, special touch to any indoor or outdoor space. Floral compositions are used to create unique atmospheres. A simple floral arrangement allows us to enjoy cosy, relaxing and personal spaces in a variety of places and situations.

The floral decoration in a house reflects the taste and personality of those who live there. In public places, floral art is mainly used to give a sensation of warmth, relaxation or familiarity. In short, we could say that flowers and plants put the finishing touch to any indoor or outdoor decoration.

And, let’s face it, who wouldn’t like to live or work in a pleasant, quiet environment? This is achieved by creating spaces that transmit pleasant sensations. And in this endeavour, indoor plants play an essential role.

The problem is that sometimes we can’t put fresh plants in indoor spaces. They need sunlight and to be watered and cared for on a daily basis, something which isn’t always possible.

Verdissimo’s preserved flowers and plants are the ideal solution for indoor decoration. The preservation treatment allows plants to conserve their original appearance and beauty, without needing sunlight, water or special maintenance. All of this makes them perfect indoor plants: resistant, inalterable and long-lasting.

In some indoor spaces, it is difficult or impossible to decorate with fresh flowers due to lack of sunlight, because they cause allergies or for other reasons. Are you going to give up your floral decoration? Preserved flowers and plants help you to achieve the floral ambience you desire with all of the advantages of fresh flowers and none of their drawbacks.

  • You can make floral compositions by mixing exotic flowers with branches, leaves and foliage, which would be very difficult to achieve with fresh plants.
  • They do not need water or sunlight.
  • As they are a long-lasting product, they are excellent value for money.
  • Creating your own floral art compositions increases your levels of creativity and wellbeing.

Indoor plants preserved

Airports, hospitals, museums, convention rooms and banquets… all these places need floral interior decoration to create the right atmosphere. Preserved indoor plants are perfect for this. As you know, their appearance is 100% natural and they don’t need any special maintenance or care.

In short, preserved plants from Verdissimo are eco-friendly and affordable. And they offer infinite possibilities for interior decorating: centerpieces, vertical gardens, wall compositions, interior gardens, green spaces in low-light areas…

This cutting-edge decorative solution gives any space an impressive and unique look!

Some of the preserved indoor plants that we suggest in this post for interior decorating with plants are:

Nicoly Plants

Gynerium Plants

Parvifolia Plants

Indoor trees preserved

Just like plants, there are infinite possibilities and different types for preserved trees: from small indoor trees, recommended for smaller spaces, to large indoor trees, recommended for larger spaces. Some of the preserved indoor trees that we show you in this post are the following:

Wide Nicoly

Jumbo Juniperus


If you want to explore more indoor trees for your home, check out our tree catalog!

Advantages of decorating interiors with flowers and preserved trees


The preserved elements have an excellent quality / price ratio. They are long-lasting objects that do not need any special care. It is enough to remove the dust from time to time and ready!


Their characteristics make them ideal products for the decoration of buildings and enclosed spaces. These characteristics are; long duration, price, ecological, maintenance-free, no need for natural light … That is why architects and interior decorators do not hesitate to place trees and plants preserved in their buildings and interior spaces.

They are natural

The preservation allows flowers and plants to maintain their 100% natural appearance for a long time. That’s why they are perfect for places that need plant presence on a continuous basis. And of course, always perfect for your personalized floral art compositions! You will no longer have to limit the decorative possibilities of your home or workplace because of the lack of direct light. Thanks to the preserved flowers you can create your own compositions and floral arrangements in an original and personal way.

Tips for decorating with houseplants

When it comes to placement, we offer you some tips that, without doubt, will help you when it comes time to create your home floral decoration:

  • First of all, don’t turn your house into a greenhouse! Decoration should have meaning and be an accessory that enhances a particular corner or space. Having many plants in the living room or in the hall can give an overloaded image and a feeling of bad planning.

  • Create a harmonious combination of flowerpot stands and vases with the stems and the colour of the leaves. For example, for slender plants (Hedera Helix, Elephant Reed or Eucalyptus) use tall, slim flowerpot stands. You should place them in tall, lean pots. Do the same with indoor decorative trees: combine them in a completely balanced way.

  • Unleash your creativity and good taste. Use coloured flowerpots or metal stands in modern halls and rooms. Baskets and clay vases integrate perfectly in classic ambiences or in rooms with rustic furniture. The kinds of compositions and designs are endless, and you can always adapt them to your own taste.

  • In kitchens or bathrooms you can use hanging metallic baskets, in which you can put different kinds of small plants (populous, pittosporum). To create centrepieces, use large glass dishes or containers that allow you to see the base of the plant. You can complete the decoration with sand or gravel of different colours.

  • In large spaces, like lounges or dining rooms, look for brightly coloured plants with large leaves, which give a joyful and contemporary touch. Mixing plants with a few preserved flowers like roses or gardenias give a rich visual sensation. Also, they can be accompanied by preserved bonsais, which give an elegant touch to any room.

  • In bedrooms we can use plants of a certain height like lavender or papyrus, placed in the corners of the room, to contrast with the horizontal image that beds provide.

As we mentioned before, in indoor spaces it is not always possible to decorate with natural plants. The reasons are many: absence of natural light, need for regular irrigation, or need to replace the plants that wither … all this means a high expense and conditions that are not always the most suitable.

How to solve the problem to make the flower arrangement? Verdissimo has the solution! Using Verdissimo products you can make interior decoration with large trees and other products without problems. Discover all we have available!

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved plants!

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