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We are moving towards a more sustainable production with Innovaflora Conscious

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energías limpias - verdissimo

We are moving towards a more sustainable production with Innovaflora Conscious

We must take actions now, big or small, but transcendental and sustained over time. If we do not do so, it is certain that soon, the conditions for life on our home, the Earth, will change radically.

energías limpias - verdissimo

We talk about climate change and all the problems that, whether caused naturally or created by ourselves, the planet is suffering from and, incidentally, the whole of humanity.

Recycling; saving water, electricity, gas; trying not to use gasoline or diesel cars… All are valid actions that contribute to the effort of many to counteract this trend of global warming and uncontrolled pollution that hovers around the globe.

However, the measures that generate a great impact must come from large industries in the world.

Renewable energies then appear as a very desirable option, since they considerably reduce polluting emissions and are based on the elements that we will “always” (or at least for the next billions of years) have at our disposal and that are not being used to the full, such as solar energy, wind, and water.

The Innovaflora group, the world’s largest producer of preserved nature, decided in late 2021 to move in the direction that large companies are moving to. It began installing solar panels in its production plants in Colombia and Spain, which is the beginning of a series of initiatives that will lead the group and its brands to mostly clean production.

In Spain, the panels produce 186,400 kWh, equivalent to 50.3% self-generation. This avoided the emission of 183,609 kg of CO2 and is equivalent to planting 9,917 trees.

In Colombia, the panels produce 8,687 kWh, which avoids the emission of 1,788 tons of CO2 and is equivalent to planting 2,555 trees.

This technology allows results to be visible and measurable from the moment of implementation.


Our commitment to the planet is growing and we are aware of our responsibility.


We are Verdissimo Conscious.

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