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Interior decoration in houses

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interior decoration in houses - verdissimo

Interior decoration in houses

These days interior decoration and design are fundamental at home and in work environments. This is due primarily to new construction design philosophies which have made décor the linchpin of space optimization.

interior decoration in houses - verdissimo

Here at Verdissimo, we’d like to review the different styles of interior decoration and which flowers are the best for each of them.

We’ll also give you some ideas for interior decoration and plenty of reasons for decorating your home or workspace with plants and flowers… plus much more!

Don’t miss out!

What is interior decoration?

Interior decorating is a concept that’s closely related to societal development since it’s one of the trendiest ways of creating environments that improve the wellbeing of people in both the physical and psychological senses.

We all know that there is no place like home: a place to rest, relax, be with friends and enjoy your family.

We like our home to be a functional and pretty space, where we are at ease and we can disconnect from the outside world: the interior decoration of our home becomes a reflection of our personality and life style.

Why decorate with plants and flowers?

Here we’ll give you some reasons for decorating your home or workspace with flowers and plants. Pay careful attention because they will surely convince you to create your own decoration project!

They relax you

Contemplating the colours and beauty of flowers improves our mood and gives people a great feeling of peace and calm. Who can resist the beauty of a gorgeous bouquet of red roses? Also, they contribute to general wellbeing as their presence provides positive energy, and elevates the aesthetic, ornamental and harmonic level of any space. Therefore, in addition to the clear benefits on a physical level, the positive impact of plants on a psychological level is also clear: they relax us, improve our mood, and lessen stress. What more could you want?

They add a touch of freshness

The hot temperatures outside make us want to relax with a cold beer in a room full of plants that give a feeling of freshness. The drawback of fresh plants is that they need sun and sunlight to survive. However, at 40 degrees in the shade, who wants to open the blinds to let the sunlight in. The advantage that Verdissimo’s preserved plants offer is that they give the same feeling of greenness and freshness without needing sunlight or to be watered. Try giving a fresh and sophisticated touch to your living room with a papyrus plant, a bouquet of lanuginosa or a eucalyptus parvifolia.

They reduce noise

Big, bushy plants act as a screen against outside noises or bordering spaces, especially in small, enclosed areas. Have you thought of putting a folding screen made with preserved natural moss to insulate your office from outside noise? Try it!

They allow you to separate ambiences

Would you like to create different spaces in your hairdressing salon? Or, make a waiting area in your office? Separate your work place from that of your co-workers in the office? The easiest and quickest way to create personalised and different spaces is to separate them visually with plants: a Washingtonia Palm, or a gorgeous Jumbo Procumbens will increase the aesthetic level and will delimit the visual space of any room.

Interior decoration styles

There are a number of different styles of interior decoration and each one uses different preserved flowers and plants. In this article we’re going to talk about the most influential styles:

  1. Boho-chic style: boho-chic style is one of our favorites. It’s the freest style in existence and as we explained in the article “Red Roses and Boho Decoration”, red roses are the key to this type of interior décor because they bring so much color to a space.


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  1. Rustic style: There are more and more homes in urban areas with country and rustic styles. This type of décor is based on natural elements and materials such as wood and preserved lavender. This is the perfect style for nature lovers!


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  1. Minimalist style: this type of interior décor uses very basic elements for decoration. However, that doesn’t mean that this style doesn’t use plants. Some of the most popular ones are: mini calla, eucalyptus, and mash reed.


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  • Mini calla: mini calla is perfect for floral compositions. To learn more about the details about this flower and how it relates to minimalism, we recommend reading the article “Minimalist Floral Arrangements”.
  • Eucalyptus: a wide variety of eucalyptus plants will help you to achieve the minimalist touches that you want.
  • Mash Reed: its simplicity and verticality make this the perfect plant for parallel decorations.
  1. Mediterranean style: Mediterranean style is a very cheerful, colorful style of interior décor, so it tends to use carnations, a preserved flower that’s native to the Mediterranean and has a semi-circular shape and extremely vibrant colors.


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Know other interior decoration styles? Tell us in the comments below!

Interior decorating ideas

Sometimes interior environments, above all workplaces like offices or waiting rooms, are often dull and boring spaces without personality. Have you thought that, by simply adding a few tropical leaves or a few simple floral compositions, you can transform the space completely? Now we’ll share some ideas for interior decorating any space, giving it that personal touch.

Original flowerpots

The strategic placement of flowerpots is always effective. You can put them on the ground, on a windowsill, or hanging from the ceiling. Put the flowerpots in wicker baskets or cover them with bits of raffia to give a rustic touch. Choose from the varieties that you will find in this season’s Verdissimo catalogue: papyrus, pittosporum, or eucalyptus parvifolia, all of which have high decorative power.


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Floral art in glass jars

Use glass jars in different shapes and sizes and decorate them to your taste. A great idea is to put small stones at the bottom and put different coloured rose heads in them.


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Flowery cages

Bird cages are an attractive and decorative solution that look good in any corner. You can choose one with a high stand, or even hang it from the ceiling with the help of a hook. Choose leaves and foliage to put between the bars. You will love how it looks! You can combine rows of amaranth in different colours with flat moss, baby blue eucalyptus leaves and a few helychrisium diosmi branches to give colour.


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Decorating with moss

In recent years, moss has become one of the main natural decorative elements in homes, businesses, etc. It’s the perfect option for introducing green into spaces and it can also be used for decorating walls using vertical gardens, as well as in interior patios.

It’s an increasingly popular trend, widely used in Japanese decoration, and it also creates dreamy spaces that encourage relaxation.

At Verdissimo, you can find everything from flat moss to moss balls for decorating your home or completing any project you have in mind.


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Decorating with trees

Decorating with trees is another option that we suggest for introducing the color green into your home. You can place a small, medium or large tree (depending on the space you have) in an entryway, in a corner of the living room or even a bathroom.

Some trees that we recommend for giving a natural and green touch to your home are the following: jumbo juniperus, jumbo cocculus, slim poplar, wide poplar and much more. We suggest checking out our tree catalog to discover everything we have for interior decorating.


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Decorating with branches

Branches are another good option for giving a color accent to your home. Especially if you want it to have a more rustic and country-style look. Usually, decorating with tree branches is typical of natural styles and they’re used with wooden or glass vases.

Some common branches for decorating are the following: cocculus, chestnut, salal, beech and pepper tree, among others. You can see our general catalog to find all the tree branches perfect for interior decorating.


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Recycled materials

Recycled materials give a special touch to homes, as long as they’re well chosen. We recommend that, for example, you use an old staircase for your plants or repurpose typical Indian tea tins as flowerpots. Another decoration that has become fashionable lately is recycling old wooden pallets and using them as drawers, shelves, armchair parts or even coffee tables.

Put kitchen utensils in plain sight

If you’re tired of your kitchen but don’t have the budget for a complete renovation, start with small changes. One of these changes could be leaving your kitchen utensils in the open by taking off cupboard doors. This idea is very common for more vintage kitchens and will give a personal touch to the room.

Decorate walls with your own artwork

Decorating walls is key to creating a unique and personal ambiance in your home. You can create small spaces with personal photos and nice frames, or even make your own artwork. Often, you don’t have to be a great painter to do this. For example, with a little bit of lace and spray paint, you can make a lovely work that surely belongs somewhere in your home.

Decorate a wall with an old door

As we mentioned in the previous point, decorating walls is really important. We love using an old restored door to hang on the wall, as if it were a picture. It’s very typical to see this type of wall decoration in more vintage homes.


If you need ideas for your floral decoration, take a look at our catalogue and be inspired with the tips and DIY ideas that we have provided so you can decorate your home with imagination.

Decorative accessories

There’s a huge variety of decorative accessories that may help you achieve a home straight out of a magazine. These accessories are “essential” for brightening up every corner of your home, though it’s not necessary to use them all. You can apply only those you like best.

Pictures and photographs

Pictures and photographs are the perfect accessories for decorating walls in your home. We love them in any room, even the bathroom.

These accessories are capable of filling spaces with personality. However, to achieve that desired effect, it’s important that you select them carefully. Pictures have many styles, from boho to Nordic, rural, etc. Your selection should go with the style of your home.

Regarding photographs, they’re always a hit: whether hung on the wall with a pretty frame, or decorating the shelves of a living room or desk.

Below, you can see decoration using Nordic-style pictures.

Plants and flowers

Plants and flowers are decorative accessories designed to brighten a home. The aim of these accessories is to create natural atmospheres. Also, with flowers and plants, you can also give color accents to a room through floral arrangements, or brightness by using white roses.

For these accessories, we suggest you use our preserved products. They’re flowers and plants designed for interior decoration, 100% natural and also, they maintain their beauty over time without needing light or water. A win-win situation!

In the image below, you can see perfect preserved trees for decorating interior patios, or even other rooms of your home.


Fabrics are the “soul” of home decorating. Normally, they’re designed to provide color accents in rooms.

If you want a warm and comfortable home, you definitely need fabrics for your entire home, including pillows, rugs, curtains, blankets, etc.

Check out how to create a perfect contrast with fabrics in the image below!


We like mirrors both for decorative accessories in the bathroom, as well as interior design of rooms. They’re elements that create space thanks to the reflections they give off.

Mirrors are recommended for all kinds of rooms: big, small, square, rectangle, etc. However, they’re key for decorating smaller spaces.

There are all kinds of mirrors: circular, wooden, iron, sun-shaped… you only have to choose whichever fits best with the decorative style of your home.

In this image, you can see the perfect circular wall mirror for decorating an entryway.


Lastly, we want to remind you that at Verdissimo, all the products we offer our customers are preserved, which means they’re exclusively designed for interior decoration, since they hardly need any maintenance. That’s why these products, despite being completely natural, don’t need any water or light to keep their beauty over time, so… they’re an excellent interior decoration option for giving your home a green color accent!

If you’re interested in knowing all the benefits of preserved products, you can read our post “The benefits of preserved flowers” where you can find out all the details about our products.

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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