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Interior Design Trends in 2017: Colors and Preserved Flowers

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tendencias en interiorismo 2017 - verdissimo

Interior Design Trends in 2017: Colors and Preserved Flowers

Interior design is the art of decorating indoor spaces in homes, offices, and anywhere else, for that matter. The interior design trends in 2017 are very specific and in this article we here at Verdissimo are going to tell you about all of them: trending materials, colors, and also plants and flowers.

tendencias en interiorismo 2017 - verdissimo

In-Style Materials

The materials that are in style in 2017 are mainly wood, wrought iron, and materials that imitate cement.

  • Wood: this material is used not only for romantic-boho-style decorations but also rustic and country ones. It’s the ideal material for creating natural environments that symbolize harmony and personal wellbeing.
  • Materials that imitate cement: these materials are perfect for more rustic-industrial-style decorations. Above all else, current interior design trends are making this the most popular style for 2017.
  • Wrought iron: wrought iron is one of our favorite materials when it’s combined with wood. Don’t hesitate to decorate spaces with wood, wrought iron, and plants… if you do, you’ll create some unique spaces!

Fashionable Colors

The in-style colors in 2017 range from pale pink to terracotta, including some nice shades of coral.

Over the years in-style colors have increasingly been mixtures of multiple colors, but 2017 has started off with more traditional, simple, pure colors. Yellow (the color of the sun), blue (the color that represents fresh air and the ocean), brown (the color of earth and mountains) and red and orange (colors that are closely associated with fire).

In-Style Preserved Plants

Currently it’s very fashionable to decorate spaces with plants and flowers since these details give spaces a lot of warmth and liveliness. 2017 has been dominated by more natural and country-style plants. Some of Verdissimo’s most popular ones include:

  • Cocculus: the simplicity of Cocculus, especially its natural features and intense green coloring, make this product the highlight of more natural-style exotic and tropical décor.
  • Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus can be used on its own or accompanied by flowers, and it’s perfect for bringing a rural, natural touch to any interior space. In an area with traditional cold tones, such as Finnish décor, Eucalyptus is indispensible for giving the space a cosmopolitan feel.
  • Pepper tree: Pepper tree is one of the most popular fillers for hanging decorations or green walls because it’s the perfect hanging plant for combining with other branches.

At Verdissimo you’ll find an immense variety of products. Consult our catalog of preserved plants and flowers.

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