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Key qualities of Japanese decor

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Key qualities of Japanese decor

Japanese decor is a decorative style that has become very fashionable in recent years. If we had to define it in one word, it would definitely be: minimalism.

From Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved flowers and plants, we’ll tell you all about the key features of Japanese decor.

1. Clarity

Japanese decor for the home is defined by clarity. Colors are lighter, aiming to create bright spaces. The unnecessary is removed so that spaces are bright, plain and simple, qualities achieved thanks to the elimination of the unimportant. This is one of the principles related to the Japanese term “Kanzo.”

2. Order

Order and Japanese decor are strongly related. For this type of decor, it’s key that everything be very orderly, otherwise it’s not considered Japanese decor, since this quality allows spaces to be extremely uncluttered.

3.  “Less is more”

In Japanese, it’s called “Ma” and the idea is to avoid overwhelming spaces with furniture and unnecessary elements. This idea was known as “less is more” by Van der Rohe, the famous architect and industrial designer. Beyond the absence of elements, ostentation is taken away, leaving behind the simplicity of shapes to create simple and elegant spaces.

4. Nature

In Japanese-style decor, nature takes on a very important role. This principle is culturally known as “Wabi Sabi” and is closely related to the love of nature’s imperfection and freshness. For this reason, most decor of this style uses materials such as wood for furniture and many other necessary aspects of a home.

One of Verdissimo’s products that is most used in Japanese decor is moss, both pole moss and flat moss or lichen. If you want to find out how to use it, you can read our post “Moss in Japanese decor”.

Now that you know the main qualities of Japanese decor, you should know that not everything in this Asian country is ruled by “less is more.” In fact, some proof of this is the floral designer Nicolai Bergmann, an artist who works in Japan, creating dreamy, colorful and even, in many cases, ostentatious floral compositions. If you’re interested in learning about his works, we recommend reading our article “Nicolai Bergmann, one of the best floral artists in Japan”.

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