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Latest trends in floral art accessories

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Latest trends in floral art accessories

Floral art never stops evolving and changing. Today we would like to share with you the new trends and accessories in floral decoration.

Discover the most innovative and noted trends in floral compositions and arrangements. Also, we will share the latest in personalisation, customisation, and recycling accessories and decorations.

The ideas that we are sharing with you today can be temporary if you make them with fresh flowers or long-lasting if you use preserved flowers. They will be as pretty or even more so if you make them with preserved flowers and you won’t have to change the wilted flowers time and time again!

Group floral compositions are in fashion. You can opt for making a unique piece by putting small flowers of the same colour in any object that is not the usual vase. Bouquets of flowers, perfectly geometric centrepieces with the same flowers, polychrome colours, baroque style, exaggeration and excesses are all outdated.

The classic bride’s bouquet is reinvented with new ideas, floral compositions are updated and flowers and plants give a personal touch to masculine atmospheres.

Hanging art

Hanging flowers have many possibilities. Recycle light bulbs or glass jars by putting a flower in them and hang them from the roof in a harmonious way. They look perfect and highlight any corner instantly!

Customize everything you can

This activity, apart from being ecological, is lots of fun and the results are really spectacular. Use any kind of container that you have at home: glass jars, bottles, perfume bottles…any non-breathable container can be used for your floral composition! You can keep the original labels of the containers or customize them by hand.

Designer, original and decorative vases

Designer vases are one of the decorative pieces that can’t fail in any indoor or outdoor space. If you are good with your hands, you can also make your own designer vases to hang on the wall or put on the table. The only limit is your imagination!

Small flowers

The new trends in floral art make small flowers the absolute stars. Simple floral compositions are easy, as giving a touch of green to a vase or container and nothing more is what is important. Together with the vase and the flower, you can add other decorative elements like a few crystals or some pearls in a bowl, a figurine or any subtle detail. The idea is that the result is simple. If the flowers are tiny, you can use a few. If they are roses or peonies, just use one flower. You can use a preserved rose or any other treated flower thanks to their completely natural appearance.


Vintage details give a romantic and feminine touch to any environment. They are perfect for country homes, balconies, and windows. If you like having flowers on your dressing table, you can put a few wild flowers in a wine glass, metal watering can or coffee cup. They look amazing!

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