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Natural decoration is taking on much more prominence, fitting with more rustic and county-style decoration. So, in this article, we want to tell you all about the star of this type of decoration: lavender.

lavanda - verdissimo

Color of lavender

Preserved Lavender is a flower with the same color as its name: lavender. The color of lavender is a clear shade of violet. This color, also known as purple, is a shade between blue and purple, and combines perfectly with pinks and magentas.

Meaning of lavender

The meaning of lavender is one of the aspects to keep in mind both when giving gifts and decorating your home or workspace.

Lavender represents freshness, purity, silence and calmness, making it the perfect flower for decorating many spaces and creating peaceful atmospheres. Also, if you decide to give lavender to a loved one, you’ll be sending a clear message of calmness and peace.

Bouquets of lavender

Lavender has also become very stylish in bouquets, especially for more boho bridal bouquets. Usually, other flowers and greenery are used, but in recent years, many brides have been stunning guests with bouquets of lavender.

This idea is a sure hit if the bride is looking to give a boho chic touch to her look.

lavanda interna - verdissimo

Decorating with lavender

As we’ve mentioned previously, decorating with lavender is very fashionable nowadays, so in this article we’ll give you a few of the main ideas for decorating with lavender this season.

5 Ideas for decorating events with preserved lavender


Lavender is an extremely versatile variety of flower as it matches with everything and it always looks great! You can create a unique ambience at your wedding, especially if it is held during the day, outside or in a rustic setting. Lavender is perfect for creating small bouquets for the tables, for decorating the seats in the church, for personalising the cards, or for making the bridal bouquet. You can also give a touch of floral art in miniature by putting a small lavender detail in the lapel of the guests.


Thanks to their delicate mauve colour, lavender is the perfect flower for the floral art decoration for a First Communion. You can swap the traditional white headdress for a crown of preserved lavender flowers, which also happens to be in fashion. To harmonize everything together, decorate the seats with little bunches of lavender and, as a finishing touch, crown the cake with a small centrepiece of lavender, which you can keep as a reminder of this special day.

A romantic dinner

The advantage of preserved lavender is that you can prepare the table in advance without worrying that the flowers will dry or wilt. To achieve a more intimate atmosphere, don’t forget to put an odourless candle beside the flowers.

A formal dinner

Do you have guests in your home and you would like to entertain them as they deserve? Linen tablecloth, silver cutlery, porcelain tableware and bohemia glassware. The occasion warrants it! To achieve an elegant and distinguished look, make a centrepiece with preserved lavender flowers. The simplicity of these flowers contrasts with the luxury of the rest of the elements, creating an elegant balance full of distinction and class. And, you won’t have to worry that their fragrance will mask the flavour of the food!

Provencal Style

Provencal style is more in fashion than ever. Create a different and original ambience with a vintage air. How? With lavender flowers! Put your floral compositions in strategic places to create a natural, cosy and irresistible atmosphere. Fill your house with the charm of Provence by using its most symbolic flower. As they are preserved flowers, you can put them in any indoor space, including bedrooms, bathrooms or corners far from direct sunlight! The result is always unique!

Decoration arrangements with lavender preserved

Lavender in vases

We love lavender in vases for decorating homes. We opt for vases made of natural materials, such as: wood, metal, etc. However, a little lavender in a glass jar can also look good.

Candles with lavender

Candles wrapped in lavender create super romantic atmospheres. They can be special decorations for romantic or anniversary dinners. All you have to do is choose small bouquets of lavender and place them around the candles using string.

Lavender wreaths

We rely on lavender wreaths for decorating doors. We love this decorative idea because it gives the entire space a very rustic and romantic touch and also, these wreaths are capable of creating a very warm ambiance.

Lavender flowers

Lavender flowers aren’t just used to decorate interior spaces, these natural flowers also have medicinal properties, since their essential oil is known for acting as a natural painkiller, and is very beneficial for your health.

However, if you only want to use it for decorative purposes, we recommend you use preserved lavender, since this type of lavender is completely natural, but has undergone a preservation process and doesn’t need hardly any maintenance, i.e. it doesn’t need any light or water to maintain its beauty over time.

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