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Marketing strategies and actions for florists

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marketing strategies and actions for florists - verdissimo

Marketing strategies and actions for florists

Marketing has become a must in the business world, regardless of whether it is an online sales business or a street-level business.

marketing strategies and actions for florists - verdissimo

The great competition that exists in many sectors requires strategies that give visibility to the brand and strengthen its own elements to differentiate it from the competition.

It happens in all sectors and… and no less in the florist sector!

At Verdissimo we know the importance of this discipline and that is why we dedicate this post to talk about some marketing strategies for florists, the best channels to implement strategies for this type of business and, in addition, we give you some ideas. Are you going to miss it?

Marketing strategies for florists

  • Advertising on Google

Advertising on Google, the search engine par excellence, is a good option to reach your audience. If you can’t position your website, you can do so through advertising, ads that will be seen by the audience of your choice.

What should be taken into account and what is important? Target your audience well! Targeting in Google Ads is key to making this marketing strategy effective and not wasting the money you spend, because… bear in mind that with every click on your ad you’ll have to pay an amount of money! Therefore, if the ad is not directed at the right person, you’ll be losing out.

  • Blogging

Blogging is a good marketing strategy for florists because it helps the company to get commercial traffic on its website without having to advertise on Google, that is, without having to invest in advertising. There are many companies that manage to become visible on the network through this strategy, known as content marketing.

Ideas for marketing actions

Below, we have drawn up a list of some ideas to sell in florists that can help you increase your sales considerably. Pay close attention!

  • Create a good website

Create a good website, well-optimized and one that represents the liveliness and atmosphere of your florist. A colour website that invites internet users to visit or contact you.

  • Study your competition

Who are your competitors? What do they do to attract customers? It is very important that you study the whole sector and your competitors well so that they provide you with ideas and so that you can stand out from rest.

  • Be different

Making a difference is key in any business, and it wasn’t going to be for less in florists. Find the element that sets you apart from your competitors and explore it.

  • Offer promotions

Take advantage of certain holidays to offer promotions to your customers, dates such as San Valentín, and San Jordi if you are from Barcelona, Christmas, etc.

  • Be active on social media. Take advantage!

Social media allows us to get closer to our audience. Make yourself known. Make good use of them and use them to advertise promotions, new products, to communicate with your target audience, to retain customers, offer after-sales service, etc.

  • Collaborate with other businesses

Collaboration with other businesses, for example, with wedding-related businesses or other ceremonies can give you many options and cause your sales to soar. Consider it as an option!

Principal marketing channels

In this section, we focus on talking about some of the best channels or platforms that you can use to implement marketing strategies for florists:

  • Instagram: Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks in recent times. It is one of the social networks par excellence for images, which can allow a florist to show off its products. On this social network it is very important to publish high quality photos. These photos will allow you to connect with your potential customers directly. To be successful on this platform, and as happens with Instagram, it’s important to post quality content. On this network you can make publications of all kinds, announce events, show your team, offer promotions, etc.
  • Facebook: Facebook is another of the best marketing channels for a florist, in fact, for almost any business. Just like with Instagram, to be successful on Facebook you have to post consistently and vary the type of posts you upload. On the other hand, this platform also offers the option to show reviews, that is, the opinions of other clients or other companies that collaborate with the florist.
  • Pinterest: The last channel we’re talking about here is Pinterest. On this social network, you will be able to create boards with images and define the image and aesthetics that you want to show to all your followers or target audience. You can create boards by themes, for example: showing images of flowers that convey a certain feeling, such as joy, love, etc.

From here in Verdissimo, the largest producer of preserved flowers and plants, we hope that this post has helped you to get to know what are the best marketing strategies for florists and the best channels to implement those strategies.

Remember that in these times, ideas to improve your florist and visibility on the internet are key to attracting the attention of the public and to attract attention it is very important to have a good marketing plan.

If you would like to sell preserved flowers in your florist, contact us!

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