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Minimalist Flower Arrangements

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Minimalist Flower Arrangements

Minimalism has been one of the most valued contemporary art trends in the United States since the 60s. This trend uses very basic elements for decoration because it’s based on the “less is more” of the famous architect Van der Rohe. However, at Verdissimo, we know well that the presence of nature in minimalist art is essential for creating a simple and plain ambience.


For this reason, we would like to suggest some preserved plants and flowers so you can create gorgeous flower arrangementsto put in your minimalist space.

The perfect flowers for your minimalist space

If your space is minimalist and monochrome, the flowers will be the centre of attention, highlighting the unique beauty and colour of each one of the preserved flowers that you choose for your interior decoration.

Flower arrangement with preserved mini lilies

The mini cala, originating from South Africa, stands out because it has big, beautiful bell-shaped flowers. The flowers are so simple that they are perfect for the decoration of minimalist interiors.

We suggest that the ornamental decoration should be based on a mixture of yellow lilies surrounded by green leaves inside a cylindrical glass vase.

The simplicity of Papyrus

Interior decoration with Papyrus – plant of African origin – has a high decorative power. Papyrus is one of Verdissimo’s products that gives a very minimalist look to spaces. We recommend that you place several papyrus as if they were on water or just one in a tube-shaped glass vase.

Break the horizontality with Elephant Reed

Although these reeds are also used in Oriental-style flower arrangements, we suggest that you use this preserved product to decorate your home or office in a minimalist style. This artistic trend eliminates excess elements to leave a simple and clean space. Also, with Elephant Reed you can break the horizontality of the other elements that you may have included in your decoration like, for example, a painting.

In minimalism, taking care of the details is essential, which is why you should carefully choose the preserved plants and flowers that you will use. Plants should be elegant, simple, and should give brightness to the space.

Decorations in minimalism also have a place so don’t rule out flower arrangements, but make them with simple preserved plants and flowers and with soft colours, excluding reds and lilacs.

Remember that if you decorate your work space or your home in a minimalist style the best option is to use preserved flowers because they don’t need any maintenance and they are perfect for indoors.

At Verdissimo you will find a wide variety of preserved flowers and plants for interior decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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