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Minimalist Flower Arrangements-verdissimo

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Minimalist Flower Arrangements-verdissimo

The decoration of events is much more than an aesthetic matter. A good decoration will give originality to your event, converting it into a very special moment. At Verdissimo, we suggest that if you want your event to be a real success, choose our preserved flowers and plants.

Flowers create a unique and exclusive atmosphere at any party, be it a wedding, anniversary, communion, and even a birthday.

However, not all flowers and plants can be used for the decoration of any event. Each one of our plants, depending on its colour, symbolises something different. That’s why some preserved plants are more suitable for some celebrations than others.

Types of events and their ornamental decoration

Decoration for weddings

For a wedding, we recommend chrysanthemums because they are the flowers that represent love, tenderness, and truth; gardenias because they are the symbol of joy and sincerity; and, white roses because they represent innocence and purity.

Decoration for communions

Floral arrangements are one of the most important details in communions. Use white roses to make small and discreet centrepieces.

Decoration for anniversaries

Preserved red roses are a good option for the decoration for the anniversary of a romantic couple because they represent passion and love between two people.

Flowers have a great importance in our lives. They aren’t just useful for decoration, they also help to improve our mood. For this reason, it would be a mistake not to have them on a special day, whatever kind of party you are going to organize. Also, plants and flowers can be used to decorate the event, and they will also give a touch of exclusivity and brightness.

Decoration for birthdays

You can choose different preserved flowers to decorate a birthday party. However, we love chrysanthemums, a flower which is very popular in Japan because it is considered to be divine.

Why are preserved plants better for the decoration of my event?

Verdissimo’s flowers and plants undergo a process that makes them long-lasting and maintenance-free. They are specialized products for interior decoration and are 100% ecological and natural. Also, they keep their beauty and their bright colour for a long time.

Remember that, thanks to preservation, our flowers and plants will last for a long time, so you’ll have a memento of your party for many months, or even years.

At Verdissimo, you will find a wide range of preserved flowers and plants for your interior decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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