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10 mistakes to avoid when decorating

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errores mas comunes decoracion - verdissimo

10 mistakes to avoid when decorating

If you’re starting to decorate your home or you’re thinking about changing the decoration, pay attention to these mistakes to avoid when decorating.

errores mas comunes decoracion - verdissimo

1. Combining decorative styles

Every day, there are more and more people combining different decorative styles, using elements of one style or another, and creating dreamy spaces. However, a home should look consistent and it’s a common mistake to decorate every room in the house with a completely different style.

2. Overwhelming spaces with furniture

Furniture has become one of the most common mistakes when decorating. If you see a piece of furniture that you like… don’t buy it! You should think beforehand if it fits into the decorative style of your home, the space, where you’re going to put it, etc. You should keep this decoration mistake in mind, especially if your home is small.

3. Decorating walls

Decorating walls isn’t an easy task. Finding the perfect pictures can take time, since they have to convey something as well as fit into the decorative style, and their size should be proportional to the wall. For example, it never looks good to have a very small picture on a large wall, and vice versa.

4. Dark colors on walls

Yes, we adore dark and cool colors on walls! However, if there is little light in your home, it’s not such a good idea. Decorative trends always show us that they require wide, bright spaces, so we recommend that you choose soft colors, including white, especially if your home is small and dimly lit.

5. Being impractical

Don’t just look at aesthetics when decorating your home. All decorative projects that you take on should be beautiful and practical at the same time. This includes: comfortable sofas, storage areas, etc. If you’re not practical, your home will be a disaster in the long run.

6. Planning lighting too late

Planning lighting too late is one of the major decoration mistakes for beginners. Many people take into account every detail. However, when the house is being decorated, they start to change and take out light sockets, etc. After painting and decorating your walls, you definitely won’t like going back to drill into them.

7. Not choosing the right flowers

Flowers and plants have become a key decorative element in the home. If you choose them right, they will create natural, fresh and cozy spaces. At Verdissimo, we encourage you to try preserved flowers and plants, perfect for interior decorating, because even though they’re completely natural, they don’t need any water or light to stay in perfect condition.

8. Covering up light

As we’ve mentioned before, natural light is a top decorative trend, so you should avoid covering up light with blinds or dense curtains, and try to take advantage of all that natural light coming into your home by having “naked” windows or even using more translucent fabrics.

9.  Too many patterns

Yes, patterns are a trend and we love them, but in small doses. Avoid combining too many patterns, and use them only in small details, for example: in a rug, on a cushion, etc.

10.  Following other people’s tastes

If you’re decorating your home, you should only follow trends and your own personal tastes. The person who will live in that space is you, so you should like the style and feel like it represents you.

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