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Moss Art: Ecological Graffiti

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Moss Art: Ecological Graffiti

Moss Art is a new trend in floral art which consists of making graffiti with fresh moss. It is a new form of artistic expression that is very in keeping with the times, when caring for the environment is so important.

What is Moss Art?

The so-called eco-graffiti or green graffiti uses moss as a substitute for aerosols and other chemical products.

In this new method, graffiti artists have found their latest form of artistic expression. And, its development has become a new form of street marketing, which refers to these new displays found in an urban or commercial environment, using different techniques to the traditional methods.

Impact and dissemination of Moss Art

This new decorative style has spread all over the world, as it is an attractive substitute for traditional graffiti. Essentially, it has caused the most impact in urban zones, where this art is also known as guerrilla gardening.

However, its use has spread to other environments, especially open spaces, gardens or special homes. It is great for giving a touch of quality, flair and natural vividness to many dull spaces found in cities.

In the main cities in the world, there are examples of this urban and natural art, especially in the English-speaking world and in Japan. We can highlight the compositions that are found on the streets of London, Paris and New York.

There are also more elaborate examples of Moss Art, like in the park Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall, or the art on the façade of Studio Caparelli in London, both in England.

Among the main artists that work with this material, we can mention Japanese Mineo Mizuno or the Americans Sally Smith, Mark Kintzel and Kazuyuki Ishihara. A more aggressive example is the explicit graffiti that Edina Tokodi has done on walls in Brooklyn.

Do you like this new style of plant art? You can also become an ecological graffiti artist and turn your passion for plant and floral compositions into real works of wall art!

At Verdissimo, we offer you our varieties of moss (plain moss and moss ball) to make your Moss Art designs. With these and other plant varieties from our catalogue, you can create fresh and impressive environments, with the advantage of not having to take care of them a posteriori.

Also, our preserved moss can be used to make sculptures or an alternative and original floral decoration. The moss, which is easily cut, allows you to make any kind of motif or scene in green. The end result is spectacular!

Verdissimo’s plant varieties will allow you to make wall mountings and will put your creativity to the test. Turn cold, grey corners into bright, green spaces!

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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