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Moss in Japanese Décor

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El musgo en la decoración japonesa -Verdissimo

Moss in Japanese Décor

Recently moss has become one of the rising stars of décor, especially in Japanese-style décor. Japanese interior décor is associated with perfectionism and completely natural elements such as wood, moss, and rice paper…

El musgo en la decoración japonesa -Verdissimo

Japanese décor is simple, elegant, elemental, Spartan, and very practical. In addition, it’s very functional. Nearly everything that occupies any given space has some sort of use.

Most of the elements that make up the décor of this style are taken directly from nature, as is the case with bamboo or moss.

Moss, indoor gardens, and Japanese décor

Japanese indoor gardens are known for providing a strong sense of peace and tranquility via natural elements taken from the environment. In the most traditional gardens there are no large-leafed plants, instead they use moss, the perfect product for creating natural, simple, fresh, tranquil environments.

In addition to moss there are other elements that can also be part of Japanese décor, such as ferns. Nevertheless, moss is always the protagonist of this Asian style that has been trendy throughout all of Europe for years now.

Verdissimo’s different types of moss

At Verdissimo we have a large catalog in which moss has a very special place due to its many uses.

Ball moss

Ball moss is roughly round plant with a super intense green color. Normally ball moss is used to break up vertical spaces and to create a natural, fresh ambience.

Flat moss

Like ball moss, flat moss has a very eye-catching green color to it, and it has no leaves or stems. The presence of this product in a space represents a very lively environment in Feng Shui.


The lichen we’re talking about is known as Cetraria islandica. Typically this species of moss propagates easily on tree bark in order to conserve moisture.

Why use preserved products for interior décor?

Verdissimo’s preserved products are perfect for interior décor because they retain all the beauty of a flower or a recently picked plant yet they require almost no maintenance. These products don’t need water or light to survive for months or even years, all while keeping their original beauty.

At Verdissimo, the biggest producer of preserved plants and flowers, you’ll find an immense variety of preserved plants that don’t require water or light and that are perfect for Japanese interior décor.

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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