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Moss: The Key to Plant Walls

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Moss: The Key to Plant Walls

Moss is one of the favourite products of interior designers for the ornamental decoration of spaces. There are different types of moss and moss in different shapes, as for example the Pole moss or Moss flat however, all of these types can create a fresh and very natural ambience.


In this article, we want to tell you about all the things you can achieve by decorating an indoor space with preserved moss and, also, about one of their principal uses: it is one of the main components in green walls and pictures.

Interior decoration with preserved moss

Interior decoration using preserved moss is a trend that is on the rise. Thanks to these easily maintained plant products, indoor spaces without life become natural spaces that transmit great peace and serenity, even if they are right in the middle of the city.

Preserved moss is also an ideal product to cover objects like bins and other similar objects.

Green walls with moss

It’s very typical to create plant walls or pictures with preserved flat moss. To give it a bit of volume, Verdissimo’s Pole moss can also be used. This product used in these kinds of plant pictures manage to break the hardness of the space by creating a totally natural ambience, which is full of freshness and positive energy.

In many cases, decoration professionals opt to cover or frame objects so that the decorative creations are more innovative. This is the case in Sushita Café in Madrid, where Green Decorum created plant walls with products mainly from Verdissimo to frame the mirrors on the walls.

Preserved moss for zen decoration

Moss is a product used often by interior designers for zen decoration because of the feeling of relaxation that it transmits.

Pretty indoor gardens can be created in the Feng Shui style by combining different types of moss with other preserved plants and flowers from Verdissimo, together with sand, stones and pebbles.

These spaces, simple and flowing, invite relaxation, which is why they are especially designed for meditation and are a perfect alternative to traditional decorations.

Verdissimo’s selection of preserved moss

At Verdissimo, there is a wide range of moss so you can create all kinds of natural and ecological compositions. Some of the most important products are preserved flat moss, lichen or Pole moss. These three products are ideal for interior decoration because they don’t need any maintenance, not even sunlight or water to remain in good condition.

At Verdissimo you will find a wide variety of preserved flowers and plants that don’t need water or sunlight for their maintenance.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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