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Mother’s Day Special: Give your mother flowers that stay beautiful forever!

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Mother’s Day Special: Give your mother flowers that stay beautiful forever!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. This date of great symbolic significance is celebrated in every corner of the world on different days of the year.

Did you know that the gift associated with this special day are flowers, especially roses? Would you like to know why this date is celebrated with flowers and floral compositions?

Giving flowers: A lasting tradition

If there is a quintessential day to send flowers, it is Mother’s Day. The custom of giving flowers and flower arrangements to mothers is laden with symbolism. But, do you know which flower is perfect to give to your mother?

The symbolism of the rose

In most cultures the rose is associated with motherhood and maternal instinct. In Ancient Greece roses were believed to be sacred symbols as they represented Isis, who was the perfect mother in Greek culture.

One colour, one meaning

According to mythology, at the beginning when Aphrodite fell in love with the handsome Adonis in a beautifulflower forest, all the roses that existed in the world were white. When Adonis was killed, his blood coloured the flowers red and this is how these beautiful flowers lost their innocence and began to reflect other qualities like passion or romance. Similarly, each colour is associated with a feeling:

  • Pink roses represent elegance, warmth, and grace.
  • Yellow roses are the symbol of friendship and happiness.
  • Red roses represent passion and romantic love.
  • Blue roses symbolise sweetness, youth and innocence.
  • White roses are the symbol of purity. They are the quintessential flowers for brides’ bouquets and for floral decorations for baptisms and communions.

Tips for buying flowers for your mother

One of the problems with flowers is that they do not last very long. Now you can maintain the beauty of yourfloral compositions for a long time and this way your special present for your mother will last forever! Preserved roses keep their beauty and their properties intact for a long time thanks to the special treatment that they have undergone. They are perfect for your floral art arrangements and you will not need to replace them continually.

Although roses are the most typical flower, you should also consider other factors when buying your mother flowers for Mother’s Day:

  • Her favourite colour
  • Her favourite flower
  • Her favourite place to put flower vases. This year surprise your mother with a beautiful, long-lasting and original present!

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