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National Flowers by Country

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National Flowers by Country

Did you know that there’s a flower that represents or symbolizes each country? Some flowers are common in two or more countries, others are exclusive to one country only… But what is very clear is that every country has one. And this is because, flowers are not only a decorative element, flowers are also used as a symbol and emblem in almost every part of the world, because of this, each territory selects one to be represented by it.

In this article, from Verdissimo, as preserved plant and flowers producers, as well as lovers of flowers and nature, we are going to do a tour, mainly, in European and Latin American countries, so that you get to know a small collection of flowers that have become the national flowers by country, very special flowers that sometimes conceal (some of them) a great history or legend.

Are you ready to discover many curiosities about some countries and some of the most famous plants in the world? We are going to make a compilation of countries and in the description, we will talk to you in more detail about the flowers for each one of them. The countries we have selected are Spain, France, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Cuba, Argentina, Hungary, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Japan.

Here we go! Learn a little bit of history from your country with the information we are going to share with you:

National Flower of Spain

We will open the list with Spain and the Carnation. Did you know that the Carnation is the national flower in Spain? It’s a flower that belongs to the Caryophyllaceae family and it’s a grassy plant. It has very long stems that grow up to 1 m in height.

Regarding its leaves, we have to point out that it counts with lineal leaves of approximately 20 cm in length and 2 cm in width. These leaves are usually very dark green in color and as a curiosity, we want to tell you that when they grow they usually been themselves towards the ground. But the Carnation doesn’t draw attention because of its leaves, but because of its flower. Its flower has five petals with bright and vibrant colors and serrated edges. It’s a very distinctive flower.


Carnation - National Flower Emblem of Spain
Carnation – National Flower Emblem of Spain

National Flower of France

Which one do you think is the national flower of France? It’s the Fleur de Lis, that comes to be the symbolic representation of a Lily.

It was a symbol that in the past was found in the crests of French royalty and, not only that, also, the word “Lis” has a French origin and it means lily or Iris. In the country’s culture, it’s a symbol of power, sovereignty, honor, and loyalty.

It’s a bulbous plant and it’s very admired by florists because of its purple colors and because it has great aesthetic and decorative possibilities. How lucky is France to count on such a special and beautiful national flower!

Fleur de Lis - National Flower Emblem of France
Fleur de Lis – National Flower Emblem of France

National Flower of Japan

We didn’t want to end without mentioning Japan and its national flower: the chrysanthemum. This flower is not only a national symbol, it is also used as a seal by the imperial family of the country. In support to the imperial family, many Japanese cultivate it, it was a way to establish good relations. Nowadays, in the country, many types and varieties are cultivated. There are more than 200,000 different varieties throughout the world, and some of them can only be found in Japan.

What does it represent for the Japanese? the chrysanthemums represent two things: the noble class on one side and the fall seasons on the other.

In Verdissimo you can also find 100% preserved chrysanthemums for the creation of bouquets, or floral compositions for decoration.


Chrysanthemum - National Flower Emblem of Japan
Chrysanthemum – National Flower Emblem of Japan

National Flower of Germany

The national flower of Germany is Centaurea Cyanus, an herbaceous plant, with axial root, that can reach a meter in height. It has stocky stems which are ramified at the top, very peculiar because they are covered with a lanuginose fuzz.

This flower is also known as old man, paintbrush, or tile.

Centaurea Cyanus - National Flower Emblem of Germany
Centaurea Cyanus – National Flower Emblem of Germany

National Flower of United States

This flower it is not only the national flower of the whole country. But it was also chosen in 1955 as the representative flower of the state of New York.

These flowers are very appreciated and all the country by the Americans, it is believed that it’s is the national flower because their flowers grow in a natural way in many parts of the country, more specifically in North America.

Rose - National Flower Emblem of United States
Rose – National Flower Emblem of United States

National Flower of Italy

The national flower of Italy is the Daisy. One of the reasons that it was chosen as a national flower is because they are Queen Margaret of Savoy’s favorite flowers, she was the first consort queen of Italy after its unification.

These flowers are easily cultivated in the country, and they are very distinctive. Although the most common ones are white, you can also find them in yellow. They are the most famous flowers for lovers.

Daisy - National Flower Emblem of Italy
Daisy – National Flower Emblem of Italy


National Flower of Mexico

Now it’s the Dahlia’s turn. It’s the queen and protagonist of Mexico. As the country’s national flower, it symbolizes horticulture by presidential decree in 1963.

Its beauty, vibrant colors, and attributes make this flower one of the most special flowers on the list.

Its height may vary, we can find it from a few centimeters above the ground up to 1 m in height.

Regarding its genre, we have to point out that this beautiful flower from the Asteraceae family is known as the flower that fascinated the New World and in truth … It surprises us! and  it continues to fascinate and captivate us.

Dahlia - National Flower Emblem of Mexico
Dahlia – National Flower Emblem of Mexico

National Flower of Venezuela

The May Flower is the national flower of Venezuela. We are sure that you recognize the name. It’s one of the strongest ornamental symbols of the country because of its beauty and versatility.

When did they choose it as a national flower? It was declared the country’s national flower on May 23 of 1951 by a presidential decree by the government of Germán Suárez Flamerich.

This beautiful flower belongs to the Apocynaceae family and grows during the months between March and September. They are known to be tubular flowers, monopetalous, and they have a pleasant and intense smell. Normally you can find them in white, although some crops have them in other colors, for example, purple, pink, and ecru…

May Flower - National Flower Emblem of Venezuela
May Flower – National Flower Emblem of Venezuela

National Flower of Colombia

Here comes one of our favorites: the orchid. This beauty is Columbia’s national flower. It’s calculated that this flower’s number of species is more than 35,000. It was selected as the country’s national flower in 1936 and it’s confirmed by the Columbian History Academy.

Even though it’s a flower characteristic of Columbia, we can find it in other zones of Latin America for example: in Ecuador

If you like orchids, in Verdissimo we offer our clients different varieties and colors of preserved orchids, 100% natural orchids that maintain their beauty in time practically without the need of care.

Orchid - National Flower Emblem of Colombia
Orchid – National Flower Emblem of Colombia

National Flower of Cuba

Cuba’s national flower is known as the butterfly. This flower is also known as “amber cane” and its scientific name is Hedychium Coronarium Koenig. This beautiful flower from Cuba belongs to the Zingiberaceae family.

It was selected as the national flower on October 13, 1936. Why? because its pure white color was associated with the purity of the independence movement and their ideals. During the course of time, it was associated not only with purity but also with the union of the Cuban people. It’s has been a symbol of Cuban culture for more than 80 years, and the fact that It’s this flower…we couldn’t love it more!

Butterfly - National Flower Emblem of Cuba
Butterfly – National Flower Emblem of Cuba

National Flower of Argentina

The “ceibo, seibo” or “suiandi”, is the National flower of Argentina. Do you know how it looks? It’s a small tree with red flowers, with very intense and vibrant colors. It’s native of the country, even though it can be found not only in Argentina but also Uruguay, South of Brazil, and South-west of Paraguay. Argentina shares its national flower with its neighboring country Uruguay, a country that has the same national flower.

Its scientific name is Erythrina Crista-Galli. When was it declared the country’s national flower? It was declared Argentina’s national flower on November 22, 1943, through an executive power decree No. 138 974.

Ceibo - National Flower Emblem of Argentina
Ceibo – National Flower Emblem of Argentina

National Flower of Hungria

The national flower in Hungary is the tulip. Another super special flower, the tulip is a very famous flower in the world, although a little bit more in European countries. It’s a perennial and bulbous plant and belongs to the Liliaceae family.

It’s a beautiful plant that can be found in many different species, almost 5000, although, of all those species, the most common ones are the ones that have petals in the following colors: white, yellow, and red.

Even though in some countries of the world this flower is called Cayenne, in Hungary it is known as a spotted tulip.

Tulip - National Flower Emblem of Hungria
Tulip – National Flower Emblem of Hungria

National Flower of Cyprus

Cyprus has a very special national flower called the Persian violet, also known as, violet of the Alps. This flower belongs to the primulaceous family and is more common in the winter months. It can reach 50 cm in height and it’s very voluminous because of all its foliage. Its leaves have a heart shape and it has different green tones. Regarding the flowers, we have to point out they have pale pink petals in the middle, and they get darker in its edges, although they can also be found in other colors.

Persian Violet - National Flower Emblem of Cyprus
Persian Violet – National Flower Emblem of Cyprus

Foto de Francisco Vera en Flickr

National Flower of Bulgaria

The national flower in Bulgaria is the most beautiful, known, and sought-after flower in the world. We are talking about the rose. Did you know this flower belongs to the rosacea family and even though we all know how it looks we remind you that it has dark green leaves with a triangular shape and serrated edges and it can be found in many different colors in nature. Also in Verdissimo it’s one of our star products. Not only do we offer it to our clients in many varieties and sizes, but we also offer it in many colors, For example: red, pink, black, yellow, blue, green…

How lucky is Bulgaria to have the queen of the garden as a national flower. Don’t you think?

Rose - National Flower Emblem of Bulgaria
Rose – National Flower Emblem of Bulgaria


To end we want to explain what makes a flower become a national flower in a specific country. In the first place, it becomes an emblem and symbol of a country when the inhabitants of the territory value the plant, because of the history behind it, because of the legends, or because it’s a protagonist in a relevant story of the country.

Do national flowers have to be native flowers of the region?  What is more common is that these flowers are native of the region, this may make them turn into symbols of the country. Nevertheless, in some cases, non-native flowers are selected when they occupy an important place in the history of the country.

Would you like us to extend the list of national flowers? which country’s national flower would you like to know?

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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