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National Flowers of Latin America

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National Flowers of Latin America

In previous articles we’ve told you, in general terms, about traditional flowers from the American continents. However, on this occasion we here at Verdissimo would like to focus specifically on the national flowers of Latin America.

flores latinoamerica - verdissimo

Latin American Flowers

In this article we’re going to tell you about some of the most traditional Latin American Flowers: the rose, the cockspur coral, the orchid, and the cantuta. Each one of them is the symbol of one or two Latin American countries. You won’t want to miss our list revealing which ones they are along with their main uses and characteristics!


Rose: the rose continues to be one of the most sought-after and famous flowers in the world, thanks to its beauty. For this reason, it’s frequently used in interior décor. However, this isn’t its only use: the rose is a flower that can be used for different purposes; for example, in cosmetics it’s used for perfumes and in gastronomy its oil is extracted, among other things. In addition, it’s the national flower of Ecuador, a country where many very flowery rose bushes grow.

Cockspur Coral: this is the national tree of Argentina and also Uruguay. It’s normally cultivated in tropical countries and its uses are mostly ornamental. However, it does have some uses outside of décor. Cockspur coral is good for making a type of cellulose paste. Even though it’s tree that symbolizes Argentina, it’s also common to see cockspur corals in Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay.

Orchid: as we mentioned in the article, “Symbolic Flowers and Plants of the Americas”, the orchid is the national flower of Venezuela (May flower) and Colombia. In both countries, this flower has been incorporated into many of the nation’s symbols and crests, making it a beautiful icon. There are many, many varieties of orchids and furthermore at Verdissimo you can find orchids in different colors: white, yellow, pink, and more.


There are many varieties of orchids and Verdissimo can also find it in different colors: white, yellow and pink, among others.

Cantuta: the cantuta is the national flower of Peru and is one of the national flowers of Bolivia. It’s cultivated in Latin America, specifically in the Andes in both countries, where it has been since time immemorial. The most common use of this flower is for ornamentation. Nevertheless it also has other uses, such as medicinal uses, the fabrication of wood, and it’s even used to make a yellowish coloring agent.

Maga: The scientific name of this flower is Thespesia grandiflora. It’s the national flower of Puerto Rico. Its flowers are very striking and have eye-catching colors, such as reds and dark pinks. Like the previous flower, its wood is often used for making furniture or even musical instruments, etc.

This flower is commonly used in Hawaii, Honduras, the Caribbean, etc. It’s so similar to poppy that sometimes Puerto Ricans confuse the two.

Copihue: This is Chile’s national flower and depending on the place, it comes in white, pink or red. This flower stands out for its vibrant colors and beautiful bell shape, which makes it unmistakable. Its name comes from the Mapuche word ‘kopiwe,’ which means upside-down. Over the years, its presence at national celebrations has increased, making it one of the main national symbols.

Dahlia: Dahlia has been Mexico’s national flower since 1963. It’s found specifically in the temperate forest areas of the southern and central part of the country. However, it’s the main symbol of floriculture throughout Mexico. There are many species of dahlias, around 50, and all of them are native to America, mostly Mexico. Dahlias are extremely beautiful and striking, given the number of colors they come in. This beauty makes their main use ornamental.

Holy Ghost orchid: This flower, from the orchid family, was declared Panama’s national flower in 1908 by the Republic of Panama. However, this flower can be found in other countries such as Colombia and Ecuador. The petals of this flower are usually white or ivory, and their beauty makes the Holy Ghost orchid common in decoration. Many people believe this beautiful flower has the shape of a dove.

Every year, Panamanians celebrate the Holy Ghost orchid by exhibiting it and promoting it through articles published in different regions of Panama.

This is just a small selection of some of Latin America’s most famous flowers.

Do you know other national flowers from Latin American countries? Go on and tell us which flowers and their stories below!

Some of the flowers we’ve discussed can be found at Verdissimo, as preserved products, which are flowers designed for decoration that maintain their beauty over time without needing light or water.

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