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New trends in floral art, decoration, and architecture

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New trends in floral art, decoration, and architecture

One of the most rewarding and satisfying parts of architecture is the interior decoration.

Creating harmonious, bright, attractive, and cosy spaces is a challenge for architects and interior designers. When decorating interiors two fundamental elements are prioritised: creating a balance between harmony and comfort and following new trends.

Architecture evolves and styles adapt to the new tastes and needs and this also happens in decoration. The colours, shapes, and textures change and are updated. New elements are incorporated and others disappear. However, there is one element that is always present: beautiful flowers and indoor and outdoor plants.

Fashion in floral art

Floral decoration and plants provide the finishing touch to any indoor or outdoor space. In a home we can find minimalist, sophisticated, elegant or baroque atmospheres and in all of them floral compositions and indoor plants are essential elements.

Just as decoration trends are subject to changes and fashions, “floral art” also evolves and adapts to new demands. If you are passionate about flowers and plants you will surely want to know the latest in floral art and decoration. These are the principal floral trends that will shape the next few months and we, at Verdissimo, want to share these trends with you:

  • Custom-made flower arrangements

The number of young people who are interested in interior decoration and gardening has increased considerably. We are talking about young people aged between 20 and 30, with average purchasing power, who opt for DIYwhen they are designing and decorating their homes. Their choice: Indoor plants with flowers and flower arrangements with a personal touch.

  • Practical and decorative

In decoration being practical as well as decorative is important. Flower arrangements with preserved flowers do not need to have the flowers changed constantly, do not need maintenance and are, therefore, more economic.

  • Urban gardens

Balconies and terraces have always been adorned with flowers and plants. One of the new trends in architecture is to design urban gardens in the home in which you can plant aromatic herbs or fruit.

  • Ecological products

Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding. In decoration they also look for ecological products which do not contaminate and, above all, are economic. Preserved plants have been treated with 100% natural, organic products that respect the environment, don’t contaminate, and due to the fact that they are long lasting, they help you to save.

  • Use of outdoor spaces

Patios and terraces are becoming increasingly important. They are decorated with care, with garden furniture and large ornamental plants, both fresh and treated, to achieve a green, lush effect throughout the year.

  • Soft colours

Vintage tones are in fashion: pale pink, hints of turquoise, and in general the full range of pastel colours. These tonalities create a feeling of serenity and convert any corner into the cosiest in the room.

  • Variety of textures and shapes

Together with soft tones, compact shapes and organic textures are used to create a “rustic” and natural effect.

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