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¿How to organize and display preserved flowers?

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organize and display preserved flowers - verdissimo

¿How to organize and display preserved flowers?

In Verdissimo we find ourselves with a multitude of clients who want to display preserved flowers in their businesses, their shop windows, and don´t know how to do it.

organize and display preserved flowers - verdissimo

For this reason we have decided to make this post, in which we will talk about the conditions in which the preserved product must be in, what are the forms and structures in which you can showcase it and how you can make it visible, for example in a shop window.

If you want to decorate a space, organize the preserved products to enhance their possibilities and discover how to showcase the product … keep reading!

Conditions in which the product must be in

The preserved flowers, in general every preserved product, must be kept in the interior (even if sometimes we can use them for the creation of outdoor events with a short duration).

The conditions in which you must have any product are the following:

  • They should always be away from moisture.
  • You cannot expose any product to direct sunlight.

What if I want to place it in a shop window with direct sunlight? You can do it! However, you will have to have an awning to protect the shop window from the sun’s rays or have a shop window with UV filter so that the products are not damaged.

Types of forms or structures to showcase the product

Our products can be displayed in many different ways. Some of them are:

  • Through flower centerpieces: you can create unique flower centers, such as centerpieces with different color roses, gardenias, orchids, etc., or centerpieces with a combination of flowers and centerpieces with greens and branches, among many others.
  • Through rustic centerpieces with cut branches: these centerpieces usually bring a fresh and natural touch to the entire space. They are widely used especially to decorate spaces in seasons such as autumn and winter.

Both flowers and branches and greens can be displayed on shelves, on the ground, they can be combined … it all depends on your business, your corporate image, trends and the time of year we are in!

How to make the product visible and highlight it?

A good way to make preserved flowers visible is to create a corner of products with the aim of not blurring any of the products and to enhance its possibilities. A corner can be created to work with a wide range of products, not only roses, eucalyptus, etc.

Another good way to make a preserved product visible is to combine it with other types of floral products, for example, those made with fabric. Not only will the preserved ones will stand out, this will also enhance the fabric flowers. We love this way of presenting shop windows! And its because, preserved flowers combined with other materials always help highlight the properties, both of themselves, and of other products.

We hope this post has inspired you and helped you understand how to display preserved flowers! Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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