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Original Flower Bouquets

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Original Flower Bouquets

If you are getting married or you just want to give a gift, pay attention to this article. We will tell you about the most original flower bouquets right now so that your bouquet will be unforgettable. They are classic flower bouquets that each year are reinvented so they continue to be one of the fundamental details in a ceremony or the perfect gift.


Things to keep in mind if you want to make original flower bouquets:

The flowers and the fillings

The flowers and the fillings are the key to success for any flower bouquet. Verdissimo’s preserved foliage, plants, and flowers are perfect because their beauty is unique and exclusive and they also last for a long time and can even last for years.

To make flower bouquets with preserved flowers, you can use different varieties like gardenias, orchids or roses in different sizes, among other flowers. Also, you can use foliage, branches, and leaves as the filling for the bouquet of flowers.

The shape

To be original, the flower bouquet has to have a special shape. You can make different creations depending on the kind of event.

  • Bouquet in a “bunch” shape: This is one of the most common bouquets of flowers thanks to its elegance and simplicity. Its elaboration is perfect; it’s in a completely spherical, symmetrical shape, and is a medium size. They are the favourite flower bouquets for brides on their big day because of their uniqueness and they are often made by floral art
  • Cascading bouquet: These flower bouquets are very original and are also often used by brides. Normally they are made with orchids and with different eucalyptus leaves, although they can be made with other types of flowers.
  • Berry fest bouquet: These are original and romantic flower bouquets. The shape of this type of bouquet is very similar to the shape of the usual rose bouquet. They are really avant-garde and striking because of their size and the combination of colours, mixing bright and dark colours, which achieves a really stunning visual contrast.

Casual bouquets

One of the trends that is most in vogue are casual bouquets, which are slightly “chaotic”. The technique is to basically let the flowers falls with some grace, as if you’d gone for a walk in the countryside and you had picked a lovely handful of wild flowers.

The wrap

Forget the traditional wrap and choose one that is more original. A wrap can stand out because of the shape or because of the colour, in other words, because of the design.

Another way to stand out with the wrap is with the material. Some of the most avant-garde are: fabric, polypropylene, and plastic wraps.

At Verdissimo you’ll find a wide range of preserved flowers and plants and a great team of advisors for your interior decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!


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