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6 original ideas for decorating your home

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6 original ideas for decorating your home

Home decoration is very important for living in harmony. If you feel the moment has arrived to make a change to your home and its decoration, this article is for you.

From Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved flowers and plants, we’ll share some original ideas for decorating your home.

1. Recycled materials

Recycled materials give a special touch to homes, as long as they’re well chosen. We recommend that, for example, you use an old staircase for your plants or repurpose typical Indian tea tins as flowerpots. Another decoration that has become fashionable lately is recycling old wooden pallets and using them as drawers, shelves, armchair parts or even coffee tables.

2. Put kitchen utensils in plain sight

If you’re tired of your kitchen but don’t have the budget for a complete renovation, start with small changes. One of these changes could be leaving your kitchen utensils in the open by taking off cupboard doors. This idea is very common for more vintage kitchens and will give a personal touch to the room.

3. Decorate walls with your own artwork

Decorating walls is key to creating a unique and personal ambiance in your home. You can create small spaces with personal photos and nice frames, or even make your own artwork. Often, you don’t have to be a great painter to do this. For example, with a little bit of lace and spray paint, you can make a lovely work that surely belongs somewhere in your home.

4. Decorate a wall with an old door

As we mentioned in the previous point, decorating walls is really important. We love using an old restored door to hang on the wall, as if it were a picture. It’s very typical to see this type of wall decoration in more vintage homes.

5. Put plants in rooms of the house

Plants and flowers are the #1 way to give homes that cozy feel we all want. Although they’re usually placed in the living room, entryways and hallways, we encourage putting them in spaces such as the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms. This way, you’ll create an original touch. Also, we recommend that you use preserved plants for this, especially designed for interior decoration, so you don’t need to care for them: you won’t need light or water to maintain their beauty.

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