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Interior decoration with palm trees

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Interior decoration with palm trees

Interior decoration with palm trees helps create natural, warm and at the same time, fresh spaces, favoring harmony among everyone using this space. For this reason, interior decoration with palm trees has become a must-have this season. It’s used in homes, but also in hotels, restaurants, and even in office spaces.

From Verdissimo, as preserved palm trees producers, we have wanted to make a post where we will talk to you about decorating with this product: from what you must take into consideration to the different decorating styles in which palm trees are the protagonist. Keep reading and discover much more.

What to take into consideration when decorating with palm trees

Before decorating with palm trees you must take into consideration some elements, for example:

  • The space: Is the space big or small? Depending on the space available for you it will be recommendable to decorate with palm trees or to choose another product. Some palm trees can be smaller, perfect for reduced spaces. Nevertheless, you always must take it into consideration!
  • The decoration style: the style of decoration is very important. Palm trees perfectly adapt themselves to some decoration styles, but not all of them! Take into consideration the style of every room. If it’s colonial, exotic, or tropical it will go perfectly (we will talk to you later about this).
  • Combining with other products: Before decorating with palm trees you will have to take into consideration other floral products you will use. Are you only decorating with palm trees? Are you combining them with other plants or flowers? The combination of palm trees with other products always must be according to the style you have chosen.
  • Combining with other materials: What materials are you using in the space? The combination of palm trees with materials with a natural appearance like wood is always a win.

Now that you know what aspects to consider we will talk to you about two kinds of palm trees you can find in Verdissimo:

Whashingtonia Palm Tree

The Washingtonia Palm tree is one of the main elements of tropical decoration. Its intense green tones with ochre streaks, its naturalness, the rigidity, and strength of its leaves are key to achieve this type of decoration. This palm tree species is in great demand for interior decoration in small spaces as well as in large spaces.

Washingtonia palm tree - Verdissimo

Phoenix Palm Tree

The Phoenix belongs to the palm tree family and it’s common to the Canary Islands as well as South Africa, the South of Asia, and the Extreme Orient.

The Phoenix Palm Tree is characterized by having a beautiful, slender trunk and spectacular branches and leaves. The smaller varieties are used in the decoration of interior spaces, homes, offices, and even patios.

Some of its most prominent characteristics are its beauty and versatility, since as we have stated before, it’s valid for different decoration styles.

Phoenix Palm Tree - Verdissimo


Decoration styles with palm trees

Next, we will talk to you about the different decoration styles that can be achieved if you use palm trees: colonial style, exotic style, and tropical style.


Palm trees are the perfect product to create decorated spaces with a colonial style, a style that sets trends and never is out of style. Its elements are very characteristic: dark woods and plants, above all palm trees.

These elements, especially palm trees, are the ones that give a natural, elegant, and at the same time modern touch to the space, since this style has adapted itself to changes, going from traditional to innovative.

The Washingtonia Palm Trees are the stars of this style. Their intense green tones with ochre strokes, its naturalness, the rigidity, and strength of its leaves are key to achieve this type of decoration.

Exotic and tropical

Palm trees are very appreciated in the decoration world because they are capable of turning a simple space into a space with exotic and tropical touches. It’s the best product to achieve a unique patio space, turning it into a very high-demand species for interior decoration.

Why use palm trees in decoration?

Palm trees, as we have mentioned in this post, are elements capable of filling out a space. They are a remarkably high demand ornamental element because it brings a lot of naturalness and its decoration power is very strong.

Vegetable decoration of buildings with palm trees

At the time of thinking about the decoration with plants or in floral art creations, the main problem in buildings and interior spaces is the lack of direct light and the need of watering, care or continuous reposition when the plant wilts or deteriorates.

This problem disappears thanks to preserved trees for interiors. Preservation is a completely natural conservation method that allows plants to keep their original look and texture for an exceptionally long time. They really look like live plants, that, nevertheless, don’t need any kind of care. With only minimal maintenance to eliminate dust, they keep their natural look for years.

Advice to decorate with palm trees

Palm trees are very exotic trees with high decorative power. Thanks to preservation it’s possible to enjoy their beauty at home as well as any kind of building or office space.

The presence of preserved trees, specifically palm trees, brings an elegant and refined touch to the space. Also, they enhance in a beautiful and eye-catching way and they are very affordable and environmentally friendly.

Two proposals from the decorators Verdissimo to decorate interiors with palm trees:

Green over green

To create a relaxing space, you only have to combine different tones of green. The objective is to recreate a natural space in an interior space. The green relaxes the sight and achieves a serene and tranquil environment. The Washingtonia Palm Tree variety is perfect for the center of a hall, or for spaces with a good height. Besides freshness and naturalness, they will provide an exotic and different touch.

Elegance and sophistication

The combination of a Phoenix Palm Tree with earth and Golden tones, creates a sophisticated and elegant effect, perfect for hotels, restaurants, or housing buildings. You must take into consideration that the combination of greens, reds, and browns darkens a little so it’s convenient to have a natural point of light.

Decoration projects with palm trees

Interior decoration with floral and vegetable ornaments is an attractive way to enhance a space. In neutral spaces, without an excessive ornamental and visual richness, they provide a naturalness and decorative touch capable of enhancing any space instantly. Thanks to its great variety of options, all kinds of spaces may be personalized: houses, offices, restaurants, malls, airports…

Palm trees are the perfect product to make interior decoration projects, temporary as well as permanent. As we have stated before, they are products meant for the decoration of different styles, most of all, tropical, colonial, and exotic styles.

In the next image gallery you can take a look at some of the decoration projects made with our preserved palm trees:



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