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Preserved chrysanthemum focus for your floral compositions

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Crisantemo focus preservado para tus composiciones florales en Verdissimo

Preserved chrysanthemum focus for your floral compositions

The chrysanthemum is a plant that comes from China, although its popularity really comes from Japan, where this flower is considered divine.

Crisantemo focus preservado para tus composiciones florales en Verdissimo

Chrysanthemum focus is so important in Japan that it is also known as the “country of chrysanthemums”. The flower is found on Japan’s main emblems, like the flag. Contrary to what everyone thinks, the circle in the middle of the flag is not a rising sun but symbolises the centre of a chrysanthemum without its petals. It is also the symbol of the imperial family and appears on the passports of the citizens of this country.

However, Chrysanthemum focus has many other meanings. In Central America, chrysanthemums are given instead of roses to express love. In the western world, the chrysanthemum is also known as Saint Vincent’s flower and is offered to the deceased as a symbol of purification.

Regarding its characteristics, we can affirm that it is one of the flowers with the greatest number of varieties and colours. This type of flower has around 30 different species, which come from Asia and North-Eastern Europe. In the United States, they are known as mum flowers. They have an intense fragrance and an incredible variety of forms: from those that look like daisies to those that have the shape of anemones, tubes, pompoms, etc.

Preserved chrysanthemum focus for your floral compositions
Out of all the varieties, the chrysanthemum focus is ideal for floral decoration. Its small size, variety of colours and delicate form make it an essential element for making the most varied floral compositions. Here are some ideas for decoration and accessories:


Chrysanthemums are not only used as flowers to honour the dead. You can also enjoy making your own floral art creations for decoration. For example, beautiful Christmas garlands to decorate doors, together with other elements like moss and preserved leaves.

Headdresses for weddings and communions

Crowns made from flowers have become the fashionable headdress for communions. They can also be used as a fashionable accompaniment in your wedding. Adorn your up-style with a few chrysanthemums to match with the bridal bouquet. And, of course, they are perfect for the floral arrangement in the church or the restaurant too. The result will be spectacular!

Original centrepieces

Place a few chrysanthemum focus flowers on some large preserved exotic leaves. You will give a natural and elegant touch to your table or your favourite corner.

In vases

If you love bouquets of chrysanthemums, don’t give them up! Put a pretty bunch in a vase, without worrying that the flowers will wilt. Also, they don’t need sunlight, watering and they won’t need to be replaced constantly. The chrysanthemum focus will instantly liven up and showcase any indoor space.

At Verdissimo you will find an incredible variety of preserved flowers and plants and a great team of advisors for your interior decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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