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Preserved flower of the month: chrysanthemum

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preserved flower of the month chrysanthemum

Preserved flower of the month: chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum is one of the most special flowers in existence thanks to its beauty and uniqueness. It’s part of the famous “Four Flowers of Junzi,” along with orchids, bamboo and apricot blossoms.

preserved flower of the month chrysanthemum

Do you know the main characteristics of chrysanthemums?

  • Chrysanthemums have alternating, lobed leaves and very straight stems.
  • They’re originally from Asia and northeastern Europe.

Do you know what “chrysanthemum” means?

As we mentioned in the article “Say it with flowers… The meaning of chrysanthemum,” chrysanthemum means “golden flower” in ancient Greek and symbolizes joy according to Feng Shui philosophy.

In Feng Shui decoration, chrysanthemums are commonly used, not only because they encourage joy and happiness, but also because these flowers boost life and longevity. That’s why at Verdissimo, we’ve chosen this flower to represent the joy and happiness.

Varieties of chrysanthemums

At Verdissimo, we offer our clients different varieties of preserved chrysanthemums:

  • Anastasia Chrysanthemum: the ideal chrysanthemum for the interior decoration of homes. At Verdissimo, you can find this variety of chrysanthemum in the following colors: white, green, yellow, pink and lilac.


  • Focus Chrysanthemum: this is the ideal variety of chrysanthemum to create long-lasting floral boutonnieres, belts or tiaras. This type of preserved chrysanthemum is available in the following colors: white, green, yellow, pastel pink and lilac.


  • Sharp Chrysanthemumthe Sharp chrysanthemum is used to make medium-sized floral compositions, such as, for example: bouquetscenterpieces, etc. The colors of this chrysanthemum are the same as the Focus Chrysanthemum: white, green, yellow, pastel pink and lilac.


This variety in chrysanthemums doesn’t just come from different types, but also different colors. Each type, as we’ve previously mentioned, can be found in a myriad of different colors, from pastel shades to more vibrant and striking colors.

Each color gives a distinct meaning to chrysanthemums and, in general, to all flowers. In this article, we’ll tell you the meanings behind some of the most iconic colors:

  • Pink chrysanthemums represent vulnerability in a relationship, but not just any relationship, usually a romantic one.
  • White chrysanthemums symbolize the purity and also the pain of a break-up.
  • Yellow chrysanthemums symbolize the romantic rejection of one person towards another.
  • Purple or lilac chrysanthemums represent the pain that is felt simply by thinking of losing a loved one.

Chrysanthemums and interior decoration

Decorating a home or any interior space is a matter of style, but some trends are timeless. This is the case with floral decoration.

Decorating interior spaces with flowers is one of the most common practices in decoration and one of the most used flowers is the chrysanthemum.

The versatility of this flower lets you decorate a space with different styles, from boho chic to country-style, depending on the colors and/or canisters you use.

Remember, at Verdissimo you can find a wide variety of chrysanthemums to decorate your home. Also, don’t forget that these flowers last a long time and require very little maintenance.

Check out our catalog of preserved flowers and plants and start to create spaces full of joy and harmony.

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