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Preserved flowers are perfect for the summer heat

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Preserved flowers are perfect for the summer heat

Verdissimo´s preserved flowers withstand perfectly high and low temperatures, but remember they are indoor flowers, you can´t put them outside.

During the holidays, there are more social and family events than usual: weddings, dinners, celebrations…summer is the ideal time to get together and celebrate all kinds of events! Organising an indoor event requires careful preparation. Every detail has to be planned down to the millimetre to ensure that everything is perfect! One of the most important elements in this type of activity is the floral decoration.

Floral compositions help to create the right atmosphere for every occasion: romantic for a wedding, intimate for a dinner for two, sophisticated for a formal meeting…

The problem arises when you have to make a floral arrangement with fresh flowers in the middle of summer. As floral art is made well in advance, it is possible that when you are ready to use the arrangement, the fresh flowers and decorations appear withered and unsightly.

This won’t happen if the fresh flowers are replaced with Verdissimo’s preserved flowers. Our preserved flowers and plants are 100% natural. The preservation process keeps the beauty and appearance of recently-cut flowers intact and even improves their original appearance.

Preservation is a natural process during which the sap of the plant is replaced by a conserving liquid. At the end of the process, a long-lasting product of great beauty is obtained, and it won’t need any maintenance.

The main advantages of preserved flowers are:

  • Long-lasting. A preserved flower or plant can last almost indefinitely with minimal care.
  • No maintenance. They do not need sunlight, water or special conditions to maintain their beautiful and natural appearance.
  • Withstand cold and heat. As opposed to fresh, fragile and delicate flowers, preserved flowers are extremely resistant and can withstand hot or cold temperature conditions without their original appearance changing. This is why they are the ideal option for the floral decoration of outdoor events in summer and for the decoration of premises with heating. They are also perfect for bridal bouquets so that the flowers don’t lose their beauty during the wedding day…and to conserve the bouquet as a memento forever!
  • Unlimited decorative possibilities. Due to the fact that they don’t need to be watered, sunlight or special care, it is possible to make compositions which would be impossible to make with fresh flowers: from placing a single rose to liven up a dull corner to making vertical walls or indoor gardens.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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