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Preserved flowers for events

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Preserved flowers for events

“Setting the scene” is increasingly important in all kinds of events and public gatherings. Whether it is a work meeting, a reception, an event held in a studio or an office, a shop, a restaurant, etc…

The setting is usually one of the most important and cared for elements.

It has now been proven that an appropriate, pleasant, and cosy environment favours inter-personal relationships and is the first step to success. Spaces are becoming increasingly open-plan, imaginative, and full of light, thereby creating atmospheres that make you feel good.

Floral art with flowers and plants is one of the most powerful and striking decorative elements for interior and exterior spaces. Decorating with fresh plants and flowers is an affordable luxury which gives any space its own personality, immediately transforming it.

Until now, one of the drawbacks of floral decoration with fresh plants and flowers is their ephemeral nature. Bunches or bouquets of cut flowers have a very short lifespan and floral compositions need to be changed often. This makes the cost of maintaining them an important factor, above all in places like restaurants or hotel receptions, where flowers must be changed regularly.

Another important limitation of fresh flowers and plants is that they need direct sunlight, something that is sometimes difficult to obtain, above all on rainy and cloudy winter days, when daylight hours are considerably reduced.

And lastly, let’s talk about the need to water constantly. Plants need constant care and attention in order to maintain their beauty and freshness… until now!

Preserved flowers for events

Preserved flowers keep the beauty of fresh plants and flowers and have none of the drawbacks. Preservation is carried out by cutting the flower in the moment when it is most beautiful. Then the stems are put into special containers which hold a liquid made from glycerine and special stabilizers. The plants absorb this substance while bit by bit the sap evaporates. After a few days, the process is complete and the plant is ready to be treated. After the cleaning and preparation process you can create bouquets or whatever kind of floral arrangement you wish.

Preserved flowers for weddings

Without a doubt, weddings are one of the social events that allow us to make spectacular compositions with plants and flowers. Preserved flowers can make the ceremony in an event unique and unforgettable. One of their greatest benefits is that the place where the ceremony will be held can be decorated beforehand, without having to worry that the floral arrangements will wither or die. Also, the bride’s bouquet can be preserved, converting it into a beautiful memento that will last for years and years.

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