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Preserved flowers, the perfect gift for…

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Preserved flowers, the perfect gift for…

At Verdissimo, we have posted several articles on our website about the uniqueness and the properties of preserved flowers for interior floral decoration, for making accessories and for all kinds of floral art creations. Preservation is a treatment that allows flowers to maintain their beauty and colour for months or years without needing special care, not even water or sunlight, to be as beautiful as they were on the first day.

These kinds of flowers are the perfect gift for special occasions. An exquisite and long-lasting gift, which always maintains the shape, colour and freshness of the fresh flower.

To choose the most appropriate floral gift, you have to keep in mind many factors, like for example, if the person who is going to receive the gift will have time to take care of it or if fresh plants are suitable for where they live.

For what kind of people are these flowers the perfect gift for?

  • For people who are in hospital: In many hospitals and health centres, fresh flowers are not allowed because of the possibility of allergies or intolerance. A preserved rose or jasmine will bring the joy and beauty the sick person needs to the room while they are in hospital.
  • For new mothers: There is nothing nicer than seeing a mother with her new-born baby happily receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers. If they are preserved flowers, this moment will last forever.
  • For city dwellers: These people live and prefer the bustle of life in the city! Their natural environment is a large city, and they rarely leave it. For these people, who are always running here and there and who appreciate beauty and the finer things in life, the best gift is a preserved rose or tuberose, which they can put on the shelves in their living room. It will remind them of the person that gave it to them, without them having to care for it.
  • For children: A good option for a celebration or birthday present could be a pretty crown of flowers, a hat decorated with little flowers or a small bunch of preserved roses that they could put in their bedroom as a decoration.
  • For a loved one: Without doubt, a bouquet of roses is the quintessential gift for lovers. A gift that, according to statistics, is the most common days like Saint Valentine’s Day or for wedding anniversaries. The main problem with fresh flowers is that after a few days they wilt and lose their freshness and beauty. Preserved plants don’t wilt and are as eternal as the love you feel for your partner.

At Verdissimo you will find an incredible variety of preserved flowers and plants and a great team of advisors for your interior decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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