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Preserved fresh flowers: a luxury within everyone’s reach

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Preserved fresh flowers: a luxury within everyone’s reach

Do you love fresh flowers and plants? Making beautiful floral compositions. However, the life span of fresh flowers is very short!

In order to maintain the fresh, bright ambience that fresh flowers bring to your home or workplace, you need to replace the flowers regularly, water them continuously and keep them near to a source of light. This is something which is not always possible, above all when it comes to indoor spaces!

How can I have fresh flowers without needing to change them continuously?
Preserved flowers are the solution for your floral decoration. With Verdissimo you can enjoy natural flowers with the same fresh and beautiful appearance as recently-cut plants. You can use them to decorate your home or any indoor space, without worrying that their petals will wither.

Preserved flowers: Ecological and economic

Preservation is an innovative conservation technique that allows flowers and plants to maintain their optimum beauty for a long time. This conservation system is like an anti-ageing treatment that keeps every flower immortalised and eternalised in their moment of maximum beauty for months and months.

Unlike freshly-cut flowers, preserved plants are long-lasting decorative elements, also they don’t need special maintenance, direct sunlight or constant watering. They are natural products and are excellent value for money. An affordable, ecological and economic luxury within your reach!

Our plants and flowers are cultivated in special fields. When they reach their moment of maximum beauty, they are cut and prepared for preservation: the stems are put into containers that hold a preserving liquid. This compound, made from glycerine and other plant substances, is absorbed by the plant through its stem. When the preservative has completely replaced the sap, the plant undergoes a rigorous quality-control check. During this process, any damaged parts of the plant are disposed of. Once this process is complete, the plant is ready for distribution and sale.

Now you can enjoy making your floral art compositions or giving beautiful, natural preserved flowers as gifts. Discover all their possibilities!

100% natural flowers

Preserved flowers are 100% natural flowers, which have a special conserving liquid instead of sap, which allows them to maintain the same appearance as a recently-cut flower for a long time. A luxury you can afford!

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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