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Preserved Moss on Vertical Walls

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Preserved Moss on Vertical Walls

Right now preserved moss is one of Verdissimo’s most highly sought-after products for the interior décor of homes, offices, restaurants, businesses, etc. This product is used to adorn vertical surfaces in these environments.


Description and Characteristics of Moss

At Verdissimo we have a variety of mosses that are very popular in interior design, though flat moss is normally the type used for vertical gardens.

This type of moss is a species of Bryophyta sp, that is to say, a non-vascular plant that has a very vibrant green color and that doesn’t have leaves or stems.

Preserved Moss and Interior Décor

Preserved moss is extremely popular with interior décor, especially on walls and vertical gardens. This is because moss is the perfect element for breaking the harshness of a space. In addition, they’re the perfect product for providing freshness and a touch of nature to interior areas since they represent vitality and, above all, freshness.

This type of product is commonly seen on vertical surfaces in spaces that have a Feng Shui-style décor, which type of décor can have a positive influence on people due to the arrangement of the spaces and objects in the area in question.

If you’d like more information about this type of décor, we recommend reading our article, “The Power of Plants in Feng Shui Décor”.

Preserved Moss Combined with Other Verdissimo Products

Moss is a very versatile product that’s very easy to combine with other products. While it’s usually capable of adorning walls by itself, at Verdissimo we love how it combines with other types of plants and flowers, such as, for example, lavender bushes.

Projects That Have Used Verdissimo’s Preserved Moss

In this article we’d also like to talk about some décor projects done with Verdissimo products that used preserved moss.

  • Sushita Café: this project’s main draw is its huge green walls, which include large, eye-catching windows that give the whole space a sense of openness and freshness.
  • Telenor: in Telenor’s spaces, preserved moss provides a very special touch of freshness, acting as a counter-balance to the solemnity of the space through the naturalness of the product, thus achieving a unique, dynamic space that’s full of harmony.

If you’d like more information about these projects, you can read the article “The Best Projects Using Verdissimo’s Preserved Moss”, a post in which we offer more details about the green wall décor of both Sushita Café and Telenor.

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