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Preserved nature garlands, headdresses and accessories

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naturaleza preservada coronas tocados y complementos - verdissimo

Preserved nature garlands, headdresses and accessories

Do you know the endless possibilities for decoration and accessories that preserved flowers and plants provide? Discover the new way of creating the most beautiful floral art accessories and ornaments, for example preserved flower crowns, to show off at parties and events. They’re accessories that use fresh plants and flowers that do not wither or wilt!

naturaleza preservada coronas tocados y complementos - verdissimo

Preserved nature: how to create long-lasting floral art with your favourite plants and flowers

Preservation is a completely natural technique that is applied to freshly-cut flowers and plants to maintain their beauty and colour intact for a long time.

The preservation process for plants and flowers is carried out in the following way: The plants are cut when they are at their most beautiful. Then, the stems are submerged in a liquid that contains glycerine and other 100% plant compounds. The plants absorb the liquid through their stems until the sap is completely substituted by the liquid. Once the conservation process is complete, any possibly damaged petals or leaves are removed in order to obtain a product with the same texture, colour and beauty as fresh flowers.

The preservation process allows flowers to be conserved for a long time. This means that apart from being excellent value for money, they have endless possibilities for interior plant and floral decoration and for making floral compositions of all kinds.

Now that you know how to preserve flowers and plants… You’ll be excited to try it out! However, from Verdissimo, we recommend as preservation experts that you buy preserved products to make any accessories, to guarantee that the products will last and, above all, that they’re high-quality.

Create your own accessories with preserved flowers

As well as being an essential element in avant-garde interior decoration, preserved flowers have many uses in the creation of fashion accessories and adornments.

As they are extremely beautiful and long-lasting products, you can use them to create bridal bouquets, garlands, pins for hair or lapels and for your party headdresses. You will obtain an elegant and exclusive finishing touch for all your fashion designs!

Examples of fashion acessories with flowers

Below, we’ll show you some fashion accessories that use preserved flowers and plants, with the aim to inspire you to make an accessory from this section:

Preserved flower crowns

Every day, more women and girls opt for preserved flower crowns for important events, such as: weddings, communions, etc. You can create different crowns using different flowers. They’re the perfect accessory for a gorgeous look.

In the image below, we’ll show you a dynamic flower crown, which combines different flowers and colors including: red roses, lilacs, etc.

Preserved flower boutonieres

These accessories are perfect for graduations and are often used by Americans for this special day. In the image below, we’ll show you one made of preserved red roses, which is easy to make and also can be saved as a keepsake for a long time.

Hair accessories

Hair accessories and beads create an elegant look for big occasions and those made with flowers are the most effective.


White is the quintessential colour for brides. For a small wedding, a single white rose strategically placed to one side suffices.

Maids of honour

Maids of honour are also important in weddings. Choosing flowers that contrast with the colours of the dress and combining them with beads and preserved leaves is a great idea. To add a finishing touch, you can make another similar composition, but smaller in size, and wear it as a brooch.


Personalise your sunhat by placing some preserved flowers around the ribbon. Apart from protecting you from the sun on the beach, you can also hang it on a hat stand as a decorative element.


Liven up your little black dress by making a headband with a mixture of preserved and fabric flowers, perfect for giving a chic and elegant touch.


If you like upstyles, you can make your own hairclips with gems, flowers, pearls, beads and crystals to use in your hair.

Headdresses for girls

The First Communion day is really something special. Personalise your daughter’s dress with a small crown of pastel-coloured flowers mixed with green. Headdresses or small flowers placed among the curls also look great. Another trend is to make a sash from sackcloth fabric with a floral motif on one of the sides.

Brooches and pins

Brooches with a floral motif add an elegant and sophisticated touch. It is a classic that never goes out of fashion.

Chanel-style gardenia

The gardenia was Coco Chanel’s favourite flower and is the emblem of the brand. To get the Chanel look, make a shoelace bow with a black satin ribbon and put a white gardenia head in the centre. Use it as a brooch or to close the neck of a white blouse.

What other accessories do you think can be made with our products? Tell us below and surprise us!

Preserved flowers for headpieces

Wondering what are the best preserved flowers for headpieces or other accessories such as belts, crowns, etc.?

Below, we’ll suggest some commonly used flowers for headpieces these days:

Roses: roses, considered the most beautiful flowers in the world, are the most sought-after preserved flowers for headpieces. These white flowers are perfect for girls on their first communion or even for boho-style brides. However, they’re also commonly used by wedding guests in other colors such as pink, red or even blue.

Hydrangeas: hydrangeas are the perfect flowers for headpieces because they create lots of volume and also have very bright colors, so they’re able to give lots of life to a look. Usually, these accessories use a combination of products, for an incredible texture contrast.

Orchids: preserved orchids are the most suitable flowers for creating minimalist and subtle headpieces. Also, they’re ideal for making belts, fascinators, etc. At Verdissimo, you can find different types, sizes and colors. We recommend you choose them keeping in mind your look for the event.

Stoebe: is feathery plant perfect for creating volume in fashion accessories. You can also find it different colors. Combined with the right products, you can create the perfect country-style accessory for any rustic event.

Put your abilities to the test making original and exclusive floral art with Verdissimo’s plants and flowers!

Enjoy creating your own designs of handcrafted crowns for your daughters’ communions, garlands of flowers for the guests at your wedding, making themed tiaras for the most romantic brides or a personalised floral arrangement for a church or restaurant.

If you’ve made any accessory that we’ve mentioned… tell us in the comments! Let us know the products you used and how you’ve made it. This will definitely help our readers!

At Verdissimo, you’ll find a huge variety of preserved flowers and plants in our catalog. Check it out and start to get ideas for your next events.

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Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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