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Our preserved Olive

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Olivo preservado - Verdissimo

Our preserved Olive

We want to take advantage of this post to talk to you about a new product: preserved olive. This product is the key for decorators, it’s a mythical, millennial and traditional product, famous in all Europe (particularly in Italy, Spain, and Greece).

Olivo preservado - Verdissimo

We can witness the popularity of the olive, especially, in the landscaping world since it’s very popular to set an atmosphere in Mediterranean-themed restaurants and offices.

We want to talk to you in more detail about olive branches, who is it geared to, what are their main characteristics, and much more.

Who is it geared to

To what audience is preserved olive geared to? Who is it thought for?

It has been included in the Verdissimo catalog mainly thinking about the decorators that wish to place this product in public spaces, homes, offices, etcetera. We have also thought about some florists who wish to use it in the crafting of bridal bouquets and other types of bouquets.

It’s usually used to simulate olive trees and branches. Just as we have said, it’s frequently being used in bride bouquets this season, combined with roses and hydrangeas, among other types of flowers. Later, we will tell you about the products with which it can be combined to perfection.
stem preseved olive - Verdissimoleaf preseved olive - Verdissimo

Preserved olive characteristics

The olive leaf has a blend of two colors that generate a lot of dynamism in any floral composition, this is combined with the nerve of the leaf which has a contrasting tone in one of its sides which makes it eye-catching and different. The trunk of the branch is very rigid which adds body when placed in vases or large glass bases. Each piece is unique because of the unique characteristics of the trunk.

What we offer in Verdissimo are olive branches. Next, we have the product specifications with two references:

  • OLI/0104 – Bunch presentation of 120g approx. – the length of the branch is between 40 and 80 cm, 20 bunches per carton 80*40*20
  • OLI/2104 –Bulk box presentation of 2,5 kg approx. – the length of the branch is between 40 y 80, size of the carton 80*40*20

How can we combine it?

As we were telling you before, we can see the olive branches combined with roses and hydrangeas in bouquets, although this is not all. It’s usually combined with Pittosporum, Nicoly, Diosmi (Rice Flover), Boxus, or Tree Fern as well, to achieve a fullness effect in the decoration of green walls, a hotel, and restaurant decoration trend on the rise, among other things.

Preserved olive care

As you know, preserved products don’t need water or light to maintain their beauty in time. They are capable of remaining in perfect conditions for months, even years. Nevertheless, we want to talk to you about some of the care and concrete considerations you have to take with this olive.

  • We must not place it in the exterior, or expose it directly to the sun.
  • Don’t expose it to high humidity (higher than 80%) this immediately affects the quality of the product.
  • Remove the dust from time to time.


If you want to obtain it do it right now. It’s available and with good stock!


Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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