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Preserved Palms: Decoration for building interiors

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Preserved Palms: Decoration for building interiors

Interior decoration using floral and plant ornamentation is an attractive way to enhance any space. In neutral places, which do not have a lot of visual or ornamental stimulation, they give a natural and decorative touch that is capable of enhancing any ambience instantly. Thanks to their great variety of options, all kinds of interior spaces can be personalised: homes, offices, restaurants, shopping centres, airports…

For the plant and floral decoration of large spaces, preserved trees are a great solution: they don’t need direct sunlight, maintenance or watering. Preservation is a technique that is carried out with conserving products which are glycerine-based, and which allow the plant or tree to maintain the same appearance that it had when it was alive and preserves its original appearance and colours for months or years. Preservation is the best natural conservation method that exists, and it is much superior to pressed or air-dried flowers. In addition, the care that preserved plants require is minimal as their cleaning and maintenance involves removing dust and dirt.

The vast majority of plant elements can be preserved in order to obtain endless decorative designs. Today, we at Verdissimo want to introduce you to one of the most striking designs: interior decoration with preserved palms: elegant and incredibly spectacular.

Phoenix Palm

One of the most popular varieties is the phoenix palm, with a slender trunk which can reach great heights. The preserved models usually have an average height between 1.80m and 3m. They are ideal for decorating foyers and the entrances to buildings or hotel and catering establishments.

Phoenix palms, with their ochre and golden tones on the trunk in contrast with the green of the leaves, offer an extremely attractive result. Their beauty make them the perfect element for ornamental use.

The Phoenix palm is an easily recognisable species and one which has been used often throughout time. In ancient times, it was considered the symbol of victory and it was associated with many properties, such as longevity, stamina and beauty.

Canary Palm

Another species that is often used in plant decoration is the canary palm, which comes from the Fortunate Isles and is the natural symbol of the archipelago. It is large and can reach a height of between 10m and 13m. It has a thick, strong trunk with a diameter of between 50cm and 70cm and with leaves like palmed feathers, which are really spectacular. Its appearance and elegance make it perfect for spacious spaces in the entrance of office buildings and public organisations. They are also used often in the halls of large shopping centres and places of public transport like stations and airports, giving a touch of distinction and a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

At Verdissimo, you can find all kinds of preserved flowers and plants and the best professional advice to achieve the most spectacular results in your interior floral decoration.

At Verdissimo you will find an incredible variety of preserved flowers and plants and a great team of advisors for your interior decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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