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Preserved palms for the interior decoration of buildings

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Preserved palms for the interior decoration of buildings

Architects and designers face a great challenge when organising indoor decoration, especially when it comes to the presence of plant elements.

Plant and floral decoration does not only have an ornamental function. It also has a direct impact on psychophysical health and this is why knowing the most suitable elements to choose is essential.

Plants and floral compositions are not just pleasing to the eye. They also create positive energy, create relaxed and cosy environments, soften excess noise and make us feel relaxed and positive.

How to create permanent plant decoration in buildings

When thinking of decorating with plants or floral art creations, the main problem in buildings and indoor spaces is the lack of direct sunlight and the need to constantly water, care or replace the plant when it deteriorates or wilts.

This problem disappears thanks to preserved indoor trees. Preservation is a method of conservation, which is completely natural, and which allows plants to maintain their original appearance and texture for a long time. They really look like fresh plants, but they do not need any kind of maintenance. You only have to dust them and they will keep their natural appearance for years.

Decorating with palms

Palms are exotic trees with great decorative power. Thanks to preservation, it is possible to enjoy their beauty in the home or in any kind of building or business. The presence of preserved trees, especially palms, gives an elegant and refined touch. They enhance any space in a beautiful and attractive way and they are ecological and economic.

Verdissimo’s decorators have two designs for interior decoration with palms:

  • Green on green

To create a relaxing space, you only have to use different tones of green together. The aim is to recreate a natural space in an indoor environment. Green gives eyes a rest and creates a serene and peaceful ambience. The Washingtonia palm is perfect for creating a hall centrepiece or for spaces with a lot of height. As well as freshness and naturalness, they give an exotic and different touch.

  • Elegance and sophistication

Combining a Phoenix palm with earth and golden tones creates a sophisticated and elegant effect, perfect for hotels, restaurants or apartment buildings. You should remember that the combination of greens, reds and browns darken, which is why a little sunlight is advisable.

At Verdissimo, you will find an incredible variety of preserved flowers and plants and a great team of advisors for your interior decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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