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Preserved Roses – A Flower Forever

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Preserved rose forever - Verdissimo

Preserved Roses – A Flower Forever

Roses are the most desired flowers in the world. They are the queens of the garden because of their meaning and beauty. Can you imagine having one of them forever? That’s possible with preserved roses!

Preserved rose forever - Verdissimo

If you have followed our blog for a while you surely know about what preserved roses are, what the preservation process is, and much more. But just in case, as preserved roses producers with an international presence, we want to explain in detail everything related to these flowers. Don´t miss this article! you will find all the most important information about our star product, from how long preserved roses last to the types of roses that can be found at Verdissimo.

What are preserved roses?

Preserved flowers are 100% natural flowers that have gone through a preservation process to maintain their beauty and fresh-cut look for a long time without the need for water or natural or artificial light. Making them lasting and resistant so their original beauty can be enjoyed for many years.

These roses don’t have to be confused with artificial roses, because, as we have said, preserved roses are completely natural. Neither with dry roses, because their life expectancy, a lot more lasting, and preservation process are very different.

What are preserved roses?
Decoration with preserved roses made by Verdissimo Group

What is the preservation process for a rose?

The preservation process for a rose is made following the next steps:

  1. Cultivated roses are recollected in the moment of maximum beauty.
  2. Once recollected, the stems are introduced in a preservative liquid. Optimized and improved to excellence, patented by Verdissimo.
  3. For many days the flowers absorb the liquid through the stem until the sap is completely substituted by the preservative.
  4. Once the process is complete, each flower goes through careful quality control in which the units with defects are discarded and the dry and damaged leaves and petals are eliminated.
  5. The preserved flower is ready to be enjoyed for a long time!

Many processes to preserve roses exist. In Verdissimo we know well how to preserve a rose and we use our 100% very own technique. We use our private preservation process to guarantee our clients the maximum quality of our products.


How to keep preserved roses?

Do you wonder how to take care of a preserved rose? You don’t have to make a great effort to take care of preserved roses. Their maintenance is practically zero. This is one of the main advantages of preserved roses, they don´t require water or light to maintain their beauty through time. Even so, we are going to give you some advice so your preserved roses are kept in great condition for months, even years just like the first day:

  • Don’t introduce them in water containers.
  • Keep them away from humid places and environments.
  • Don´t expose them to direct sunlight.
  • Don’t squash them or crush them.

Types of preserved roses

Next, we will explain the types of preserved roses that you can find in their different models and sizes.

By model

Rose (without stem) - Verdissimo

Rose (without stem)

Preserved roses without stems are the most used by floral artists. With them, they are capable of creating floral arrangements of great beauty. They are also known as rose heads.


Rose Vrose - Verdissimo


The VRose is the perfect rose for a gift. A rose in its maximum splendor in the color you wish in the perfect packaging to gift to a loved one.


Rose with Mini stem - Verdissimo

Rose with Mini stem

Preserved roses with a Mini stem are other of the roses to be highlighted in Verdissimo and perfect to give as a gift. The same as the other ones, their color variety is very numerous.


Rose with a standard stem - Verdissimo

Rose with a standard stem

The rose with a standard stem is one of the favorites. A rose with the perfect dimension to create bouquets or to gift only one. Its beauty and its size are capable of filling any space!


Rose with premium stem

Rose with premium stem

The rose with a premium stem is a very desired rose that can be found in different colors. Like the rest of the roses, it is native to Asia and a reduced number native to North America and northwestern Africa.


Rose with garden stem - Verdissimo

Rose with garden stem – Verdissimo

An infinity of species and sizes exist. It draws attention because it has many petals with a flattened appearance. It has a romantic look and fits perfectly with the country style, taking us to Victorian gardens.


By Size (without stem)

Princess rose - Verdissimo

Rose Princess

The Rose Princess is one of the favorites and most used by florists to make flower arrangements, thanks to its perfect volume and the great variety of colors it offers.


Mini Rose - Verdissimo

Rose Mini

The Rose Mini is one of the roses you can find in different colors. It’s an ideal rose to make bouquets combining different flowers. A safe bet!


Medium rose - Verdissimo

Rose Medium

The Rose Medium is another option, a medium volume rose, like its name states, is capable of decorating spaces with different styles, like boho-chic, contemporary, and even classic.


Standard rose

Rose Standard

The Roses Standard is another favorite. A perfectly preserved rose for anniversary gifts, special days, etcetera. A unique flower that can be found in a great variety of colors.


Extra rose - Verdissimo

Rose Queen

Everyone’s favorite! Roses are among the most popular flowers worldwide and bring joy to thousands of people every day,


Premium rose - Verdissimo

Rose Premium

The rose premium is one of the most special ones. It’s a rose reserved for special moments and arrangements. Its variety of colors is also very extensive!


King rose - Verdissimo

King rose

Lastly, the King Rose, one of the most distinguished roses. Like the other ones, this rose can be found in many different colors and its uses are varied, from bouquets to centerpieces, and other types of floral arrangements.


Why give roses as a present?

Roses are the perfect gift. From long ago family, couples, and friends give them to their loved ones to express their feelings for them. But, what roses do they give and why?

We are going to review the colors of roses and their meanings so you know which ones you have to give away in each moment and to who:

  • Red rose: this rose is given to express love and passion.
  • White rose: this rose is given as a symbol of purity and innocence.
  • Pink rose: it’s the rose of sympathy and frankness.
  • Yellow rose: it’s the perfect present for a friend. A symbol of everlasting friendship!
  • Orange rose: symbolizes success, joy, and satisfaction, this is why it can be given when a loved one receives a promotion in their job.
  • Blue rose: it’s the rose of harmony and trust between two people. Perfect for family members, friends, and even couples.
  • Green rose: it’s the perfect rose when you what to express hope. The hope in a relationship, hope in a job, hope in any ambit of life.
  • Black rose: it’s one of the most unknown roses, and even when many doubt it, it’s not associated with anything negative, all the contrary… It’s the symbol of power!

The complete information will be found in our content about: The meaning of roses according to their color.

Meaning of roses - Verdissimo
What roses to give according to their color?


Decoration and compositions with preserved roses

Preserved roses are not only perfect to give as a present. One of its main uses is decoration. These products have become a perfect decoration element for homes, commercial spaces, restaurants, hotels … Look at the images and discover how preserved flowers look in different decoration projects!


Transportation and distribution

In Verdissimo, we are not only producers, we also transport and distribute our preserved roses to guarantee its care from beginning to point of arrival.

Roses are stored and transported in pallets to avoid contact with the humidity of the floor and to avoid exposure to damage. These roses pallets are transported in containers and dry cargo, meaning, they do not require refrigeration (which translates into energy savings).

As we were saying, humidity can damage the products and make them lose their quality. This is why we make ourselves responsible for their transportation as well as their storage, taking care of the smallest details.

What are preserved flowers used for?

Next, we tell you what for and how you can use Verdissimo’s preserved flowers.

This is all that can be done with them!

Floral arrangements

All kinds of floral arrangements can be made, for all kinds of events, celebrations, all kinds of homes, premises, etc. Arrangements of different styles that will last a long time without the need for any kind of maintenance.

Wedding bouquets

Preserved flowers are used for making bridal bouquets. There is the possibility of making different combinations, although a wedding bouquet of white roses is a must-have.

Fashion accessories

They can also be used to make fashion accessories, for example, belts with preserved flowers, flower crowns, hat decorations, etc.


One of the main uses of preserved flowers is to make centerpieces. Centerpieces for a wedding, centerpieces for a communion or baptism, for Valentine’s dinner… The options are endless, you just have to select the right products.

Home decoration

Preserved flowers are perfect for decorating the home or any space that is inhabited. They can be used for the decoration of walls, tables, and ceilings (as if they were pendants)… They are suitable for any room as long as they are not exposed to direct sunlight. For home decoration, preserved flowers can be combined with each other to create vibrant compositions suitable for any decorative style: boho chic, Mediterranean, romantic, Nordic, elegant, farmhouse…

Frequently asked questions

We answer the most important frequently asked questions:

How long can preserved roses last?

They can last up to 2 years, although the usual thing is that, with the necessary care, they last a year in perfect condition.  Necessary care means they have to be out of sun exposure and without moisture. However, their durability does not depend only on that, it also depends on the season and/or place where they are located.  For example, in summer and winter, they are more likely to last less, while in more temperate climates (typical of autumn and spring) they last longer.

Can roses be taken out of the box? Do they last longer in it?

Yes, they can be taken out of the box, and it’s recommended, especially to make floral arrangements and other compositions that give life to a space.

Are preserved roses the same as freeze-dried roses?

No. They are not the same product. Freeze-dried flowers are dehydrated flowers. However, preserved flowers are those to which a special liquid has been added to preserve them and stop their deterioration at the best time of their life.

How many colors of preserved roses do you have in your catalog?

We have exactly 23 different colors.

What size are preserved roses?

You can find the roses preserved in 7 different sizes.

Is Verdissimo a distributor of preserved roses?

Yes. Verdissimo is a manufacturer and distributor of preserved roses, flowers, and foliage.

Verdissimo, producer, and wholesaler of preserved roses.

In Verdissimo we are producers and wholesalers of preserved roses. Our preservation technique, our care of the product, and our presence in a variety of countries make us one of the most prominent businesses in the sector.

Currently, Verdissimo group has headquarters in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Japan, from where we can make shipments of preserved roses. Nevertheless, our commercial and distributor net helps us have a presence in a multitude of countries around the world. The Verdissimo brand has reached the five continents!

If you wish to buy preserved roses wholesale, you just have to contact us. We will give you a personalized service!



Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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