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Preserved roses, enduring and everlasting

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Preserved roses, enduring and everlasting

Decorating with preserved flowers and plants allows us to have indoor plants at any time of year, without the plants needing maintenance, gardening or direct sunlight.

Thanks to the preservation technique, it is possible to make compositions with decorative, long-lasting andbeautiful flowers. You can enjoy indoor flowers and plants that are resistant and don’t need to be watered or cared for.

Today we are going to talk about preserved roses and their infinite possibilities in decoration and floral art.

Decorating with roses is something that is deeply rooted in all cultures and corners of the world. Roses are considered one of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers that exist and their history is full of symbolism. Giving a bunch of roses or decorating with fresh roses is very common. The problem with fresh roses is that they have a short lifespan, require care, and their petals are extremely delicate.

Preserved roses have all the beauty of a freshly-cut flower and none of the drawbacks. Their incredibly beautiful appearance will remain unchanged for years and years, without needing special care.

Do you know the rose colour meanings?

The rose is the quintessential symbol of love. Traditionally, it is the flower most used for giving as a gift and for decorating all kinds of events: a bunch of red roses to express love, white roses for brides, floral compositions of “pink roses” to create a romantic atmosphere…The rose is the flower par excellence for expressing feelings:

  • Red rose: The supreme symbol of love. People in love often choose red roses to express their feelings. Red roses also symbolise respect and admiration.
  • White rose: Symbol of purity and innocence. Brides often choose white roses for their bouquets. They symbolise purity, shared loved, and eternal happiness.
  • Pink rose: Giving pink roses as a gift symbolises gratitude, appreciation, and affection. They also express sincerity and trust. If the shade of pink is light and soft, it means sympathy, complicity, and fondness.
  • Yellow rose: These are the roses adolescents choose to give to their first love. For those who are superstitious, they mean warning, hidden agendas, distrust. However, for those who are not superstitious, they are the perfect symbol of satisfaction, joy, and celebration.
  • Orange rose: Symbolise joy, success but also can have an implicit warning, and are a sign of caution. In love, they express the consolidation of feelings, abundance.
  • Blue rose: Reserve, caution, harmony, affection, fondness, and trust. Blue roses are very relaxing and calming. They are perfect for creating quiet and calming environments. They are good to give to people who are going through a period of anxiety and nervousness.

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